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The Best Bloody Mary in Austin: 11 Tasty Takes

In Austin, we like to enjoy life. From relishing the wonders of the great outdoors to savoring delicious foods and unique fare, this city truly knows how to live it up. When it comes to Bloody Marys, our creativity and zest for life truly get to shine. With Texas-inspired takes from brisket to locally-sourced ingredients, here’s where to get the best Bloody Mary in Austin.

Where To Get The Best Bloody Mary in Austin

best bloody mary in Austin: bloody mary mix

With Austin’s love for all things weird, their take on the classic Bloody Mary adds in things like okra, brisket, and ingredients found more often in margaritas. Whether you’re looking for a great take on the classic ingredients or want something unique that you can’t find anywhere else, you’ll find what you’re craving at these spots known for the best Bloody Marys in Austin. Plus, a lot of these spots double as the best happy hour spots.

While you can’t go to Frank’s for a Red Headed Stranger anymore, there are still tons of delicious Bloody Mary offerings throughout the city. From South Congress to East Austin, here’s where to get the best Bloody Mary in Austin.

1. District Kitchen Cocktails

At District Kitchen Cocktails, you can opt for a classic Bloody Mary or make your own at the Bloody Mary bar during Sunday brunch hours. The classic option features locally sourced ingredients including Dripping Springs 1876 Vodka, Bloody Revolution Bloody Mary mix, celery bitters and a touch of tajin. If you want to make your own, you can choose from an array of infused vodkas and toppings like pepperoncinis.

2. Vinaigrette

We all know Austin is the city that likes to keep things weird — so it’s really not a surprise that at least one strange variation of the classic Bloody Mary appears on this list. Vinaigrette focuses on healthy cafe fair so their Bloody Mary features a plant-based spin. Known as the Kale Mary, it’s made with organic vodka and a host of vegetables — celery, tomato juice, horseradish, and Thai bird chilli — plus a hefty dose of kale.

3. Trace

Located inside the W Austin, this hotel bar is known for being one of the best brunch spots in Austin. Trace also serves up one of the most Texas-inspired Bloody Marys on this list. They swap out the vodka and use George Dickel rye whiskey which is infused with fat from the restaurant’s brisket. Add in a splash of Zing Zang Bloody Mary mix and a touch of Pearl Snap pilsner from Austin Beerworks and you’ve got yourself the most authentically Austin Bloody Mary you can find.

4. El Chile Cafe

Known for their Tex-Mex food, El Chile Cafe is the perfect spot to dig into chilaquiles, enchiladas, and rellenos. Pair their delicious fare with the Brazos Bloody Mary featuring 1876 vodka Red Eye Bloody Mary mix, and a splash of Pacifico beer. The lime and chile rim complete the beverage, making for a crisp and tangy take on the classic recipe.

5. Star Bar

Located on West 6th Street, Star Bar goes all out for their Hail Mary. This gigantic Bloody Mary features a classic recipe topped with an insane amount of food. Cheeseburgers, cheddar cheese skewers, veggies, and even donuts, and mini cupcakes adorn the top of the Hail Mary. It’s the perfect option if you want a beverage, dinner, and dessert all in one go.

6. Fixe

Fixe is the place to go for Sunday brunch. Not only does this eaterie feature Louisiana-style comfort food like catfish and fried chicken, but it also offers five different Bloody Marys. Two of our favorites are the classic BBQ Bacon Bloody Mary and the Spicy Mary with sriracha and ginger with a hint of wasabi.

7. Freedmen’s

Like Trace, Freedmen’s incorporates brisket into their delicious Bloody Marys. This cocktail features Forty Creek whiskey, smoked tomato, and a hefty dose of worcestershire sauce highlighted by a spritz of lemon. On top, you’ll get half a pound of brisket, a bit of sausage, and some spare ribs.

8. Geraldine’s

Tomato juice is an integral part of any Bloody Mary. Geraldine’s sets out to change that with their 24 Carat Magic. Swapping out the tomato juice and substituting carrot juice, this unique take on the classic recipe really mixes things up. It’s made with vodka, ginger liqueur, tamarind, and mole bitters.

9. Hi Hat Public House

At Hi Hat Public House, the Bloody Mary’s hit differently. Made with sake, housemade Bloody Mary mix, salt, and a dash of lime topped with some olives, this Bloody Mary is light and tangy. It pairs perfectly with their comfort food to take the edge off a hangover from a wild night out on the town.

10. Casino El Camino

Looking for a loaded Bloody Mary? Stop by Casino El Camino at 517 E 6th St for a drink that doubles as a full meal. Here, the Bloody Mary’s are topped with the bartender’s favorite dishes. From chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and chicken wings to taquitos, tacos, and sliders, you won’t go hungry when ordering this unique Bloody Mary.

11. Snooze

Snooze is one of the top spots to go for daytime drinks and breakfast. Open until 2:30pm on Weekdays and 4:00pm on weekends it’s the perfect spot to snag a few Bloody Mary’s. They offer six different Bloody Marys from a classic recipe to a Goin’ Green version featuring house special green Bloody Mary mix and jalapeno and habanero infused vodka. Try the famous Horse and Sidecar Bloody Mary featuring Tito’s vodka and freshly grated horseradish — plus Dill pickle, lemon, and olive juice and a Sidecar can of beer.

12. South Congress Cafe

Located on S. Congress Ave in Austin, TX this cafe is known for their savory Bloody Mary. They’ve won numerous local awards for their Bloody Marys and the downtown location makes it the perfect spot to stop by when exploring the city.

Get a Bloody Good Drink in Austin

Whether you’re in town for SXSW or checking out Austin restaurants in your new neighborhood, these are the top spots to go to for the best Bloody Mary in Austin. Each spot does something unique. From adding a secret hot sauce to incorporating BBQ meats in their concoctions, these bevvies will have you coming back for more. 

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