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9 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Austin for You and Your Furry Friend

The best days are the ones we spend with our best friends — and no offense to our human friends, but our best friends have four paws, floppy ears, and very waggly tails. And we won’t be leaving home without them. Fortunately, Austin‘s famous food scene didn’t forget about Fido. The dog-friendly restaurants in Austin…

The Pecan Street Festival: Free Fun for Everyone in Austin

If there’s one thing this city loves, it’s a festival. Austin, Texas, is home to some of the most exciting festivals in the country. And if you need something more exciting than that, today we’re pairing Austin’s festival scene with the most exciting word in the English language — FREE! The Pecan Street Festival is…

Texas Book Festival: Read Your Heart Out With This Handy Guide

We know you’re here to hear one of our favorite jokes. “Why was the library so tall? It had a lot of stories.” Like libraries, one of the best festivals in Austin also has a lot of stories. No, we’re not talking about South by Southwest (SXSW). Sure, that event has lots of stories, but…

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