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The Best Chinese Food in Austin

When you think of Austin’s culinary scene, you may think of tacos, BBQ, and Tex-Mex food. While the city is famous for these Southern treats, it’s Chinese food scene has increasingly garnered attention with authentic spots that serve some of the best dumplings and soups around. Whether you’re looking for sweet and sour delicacies or something more savory, nutty, and smoky you’re sure to find authentic meals at these best Chinese food spots in Austin, Texas.

photo 1555126634 323283e090faThe 19 Best Places For Chinese Food in Austin

1. Wu Chow 
500 W 5th St

Wu Chow is an Austin restaurant serving up authentic Chinese food in a quintessential Austin farm-to-table setting. Here, you can indulge in all eight different styles of Chinese cuisine — including amazing soup dumplings — and don’t miss the dim sum service every Sunday.

2. TC Noodle House 
10901 N Lamar Blvd

This Teochew eatery offers a blend of Chinese and Vietnamese flavors in a family-owned environment that is welcoming and friendly. Select from a wide range of culinary options including vegan and veggies dishes as well as fried noodles, porridge, and seafood.

3. Din Ho Chinese BBQ 
8557 Research Blvd Suite 116

It wouldn’t be a list about Austin if there wasn’t a BBQ option. Chow down on Chinese classics including Beijing duck, roasted pork belly, and quails in special salt or opt for something with a touch of American influence like the General Tso chicken or orange chicken.

4. A + A Sichuan China 
13376 N Hwy 183 Suite 100

Located in the Galleria Oaks Plaza, this Chinese restaurant is a spicy food lover’s dream. The menu focuses heavily on Sichuan-style Chinese food with a wide array of soups, fried rice dishes, dry pot meals, and seafood delicacies. Try the famous Szechuan Dan Dan Noodles or one of the Hot Pot plates for an authentic meal.

5. New Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant 
10901 N Lamar Blvd

Located in the Chinatown Center, this restaurant is one of several excellent Chinese dining options in the area. The dim sum menu is one of the most extensive in the city and you can dine in or order takeout. The huge banquet dining area is the perfect spot to enjoy a clay pot dish, wonton appetizers, or tasty soup dumplings.

6. Lin Asian Bar 
1203 W 6th St

Lin Asian bar focuses on crafting traditional Chinese cuisine using healthier ingredients under the guidance of Chef Ling who has worked in restaurants in New York City. Sunday brunch features a full dim sum menu and all dishes are made using locally sourced ingredients.

7. Julie’s Noodles 
8557 Research Blvd Suite 110

Julie’s started out as a food truck on the university campus and has now evolved into a full sit-down restaurant on Research Boulevard. Famed for their handmade noodle soups and dumplings, this restaurant is the perfect spot to indulge in all the classic Chinese favorites from wontons and fried rice to chow mein and spicy dishes.

8. Shanghai Chinese Restaurant

6718 Middle Fiskville Rd

Shanghai Restaurant offers Cantonese food including roast duck, chicken feet, and dumplings along with weekend dim sum specials. For an appetizer, try the Shumai and follow it up with the steamed BBQ pork buns.

Best Chinese Food Austin: steamed dumplings9. Chinatown 
2712 Bee Caves Rd #124 | 3407 Greystone Dr | 107 West 5th St

Chinatown offers three locations including one in Westlake, North Austin, and downtown Austin. Owner Ronald Cheng has been serving Chinese specialties in Austin for more than 25 years. Often considered the gold standard of Chinese food in Austin, the dumplings and dim sum service here use the freshest ingredients and are presented in a friendly atmosphere.

10. Fat Dragon 
8650 Spicewood Springs Rd #109

Fat Dragon offers dumplings, ramen, and other Japanese and Chinese culinary specialties. All the dumplings are hand made from scratch, combining traditional culinary techniques with a focus on fresh ingredients and innovative flavors.

11. Chen Z Noodle House 
6705 US 290

As the name indicates, this Austin restaurant is focused on serving traditional Chinese noodles. Try the Moo Shu style dishes or the Egg Foo Young and don’t miss the scallion pancakes.

12. Sichuan River 
4534 West Gate Blvd

Located in South Austin, Sichuan River offers a range of beef, lamb, poultry, pork, and seafood dishes with traditional sides including fried rice and noodles. No visit to a Sichuan restaurant is complete without trying the mapo tofu. In addition to delicious food, this restaurant also offers bubble tea, yogurt drinks, and smoothies.

13. Rice Bowl Café 
11220 N Lamar Blvd

The Rice Bowl café is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Austin if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck. The portions here are enormous and filling whether you opt for a rice or noodle dish or a main entrée like the home-style bean curd. The floor to ceiling windows also make this café a great spot to hang out with a view.

Best Chinese Food Austin: orange chicken14. Ho Ho Chinese BBQ

13000 N I35 Building 6

You know a Chinese restaurant is going to be good when you walk in and see live lobsters and fresh meat hanging by the kitchen. Dine amongst aquariums filled with florescent, exotic fish as you enjoy traditional Chinese cuisine with BBQ influences. Diners rave about the beef flat noodles, the roast duck, and the hot soups.

15. Bao’d Up 
1911 Aldrich St

Bao’d Up specializes in Chinese comfort food from traditional Chinese beef noodle soup to exquisitely handcrafted bao — steamed buns that are packed with sweet and savory fillings. At this restaurant, you’ll also find boba, guabao, and Asian snacks. Try the brisket baozi featuring spicy brisket, onions, and red pepper flakes or go for the traditional red bean baozi stuffed with sweet red adzuki bean paste and sesame seeds.

16. Asia Cafe 
8650 Spicewood Springs Rd

The Asia Café is located in North Austin and features a dining room as well as an Asia grocery store where you can find ingredients to whip up your own Chinese cuisine at home. Try the spicy fish filet, the spicy honeycomb, or the twice-cooked pork.

17. First Chinese BBQ 
10901 N Lamar Blvd

The First Chinese BBQ menu is heavily focused on Cantonese cuisine with their standout dishes consisting mainly of barbecued meats such as duck, beef tendon, and pork. Satisfy your craving for authentic Chinese food with the beef flat noodles and the wonton noodle soup.

18. Xian Sushi and Noodle 
1801 E 51st St

Owners Ting and Ye stated this Chinese restaurant to share their love of noodles and sushi dishes. The noodle dishes are all made using hand-pulled noodles while the sushi dishes feature fresh ingredients from shrimp and spicy tuna to eel and lobsters.

19. Old Thousand 
1000 E 11th St Suite 150

Located in East Austin, Old Thousand takes authentic Chinese food and puts a modern spin on things. The first sign of this modern innovation is the company’s logo featuring a panda bear wearing a blinged-out crown and gold chain around its neck. The menu features mainly Americanized Chinese dishes along with a large cocktail menu and happy hour selection.

photo 1563245372 f21724e3856dThe Best Authentic Chinese Food in Austin

Austin, TX offers a wide range of Chinese cuisine options whether you’re looking for beef noodle soup, roast duck, or a Chinese-inspired brunch. For Cantonese and Hunan influences to Taiwanese and even Thai flavors, this city offers delightful eateries from South Austin to North Austin.

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