Best Jobs in Austin: What To Know About Work in This City

If you’re looking to make a change, moving to Austin, Texas could be just what you need. This eclectic city is full of fun, good vibes, and great people. In recent years, Austin has become one of the top cities for young professionals to move to. And once you get to know the town, it’s no secret why it’s so popular. After all, it’s not called the live music capital of the world for nothing. Plus, its culinary scene is unparalleled and the job market in recent years has made Austin one of the most attractive cities in the country. Wondering what all the buzz is about? Here, you’ll learn more about the best jobs in Austin, how to find them, and ways to discover this weird and vibrant city.

Austin Job Market Basics

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It’s no secret that the Austin job market is booming. With huge tech companies making Austin the new company headquarters or building new factories here, there’s been an influx of high-paying jobs. Whether you’re looking to make a new career move or move up the ladder in your existing field, a move to Austin can be a great decision. This is particularly true for young professionals.

See, Austin isn’t just a city with a great job market. It’s a city with an incredible culture. Instead of the cut-throat dog-eat-dog worlds of New York City, San Francisco, and other cosmopolitan metropolises, Austin has a laid-back, friendly vibe — plus an affinity for keeping things weird. It’s a vibrant city with many young people and a thriving culinary scene that rivals the world’s greatest cities.

If you’re looking to move to Austin, you’re probably wondering what the job market looks like. In 2022, Austin had the second-highest performing job market — after Salt Lake City. Even with the covid-19 pandemic, the city continued to add good-paying jobs thanks to employers like Dell, Tesla, Apple, and Amazon. These include entry-level positions as well as part-time and full-time roles for higher-level professionals. The Austin area unemployment rate according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics was under 3% in late 2021.

How To Find The Best Jobs in Austin

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Jobs in Austin, Texas vary widely. You can find run-of-the-mill positions like customer service managers, administrative assistants, and legal support workers as well as more advanced positions for software developers, sales administrators, and healthcare workers. The highest-paying jobs tend to be technical roles including software engineers, information technology, and financial services roles. As the state capital, there are also plenty of government jobs.

Finding the best jobs in Austin really depends on what you want to do and what experience you have. The best jobs may not be the highest-paying ones depending on your goals. To find the best jobs in Austin, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Decide What You’re Interested In

Maybe you want to hone your culinary skills. The best job for you may be working at one of the world-renowned restaurants with chefs who’ve won James Beard awards. Perhaps you want to make life easier for all the new residents moving into the city. The best job option then may be a real estate position for a company like Keller Williams Realty. Or maybe you want to help people. Then a role as a health insurance agent or at one of the best hospitals in Austin might be the ticket.

Identify Your Experience and Skills

To find the best jobs in Austin, start by thinking of your experience and what you want to do. Do you have an educational background in a certain subject? For example, do you have a high school diploma or a higher degree? Do you have work experience that makes you qualified for a role outside of your field of study? Once you’ve identified what skills you have, you can look into different industries that might interest you. 

Think About the Work Environment

Many job seekers think only about the role they’re applying for. In reality, the work environment, company ethics, and standard practices can make the difference between a job you love and one you hate. 

Think about what type of work environment you thrive in. Do you want to work for a small startup or a large corporation? Do you want to work in a cubicle where you can consult other coworkers at a moment’s notice? Do you prefer a private office or working remotely? Identifying your ideal workspace can help you narrow down the job opportunities you want to apply for.

Think about where the job is located. If you’re working remotely, this won’t matter as much. If you have to commute though, you’ll want to ideally work somewhere close to home. Living in South Austin and commuting to Round Rock or far northern Austin areas will be a nightmare thanks to the city traffic, which is only getting worse, unfortunately.

A company’s ethics can also make your work life better — or worse if you choose the wrong company to work for. If diversity is important to you, look for companies that lay out how they hire diverse candidates. If giving back to the community is key, try to find companies that are involved in local charities or donate to community organizations. 

Browse Job Boards

Check the local Austin job boards and sites like Indeed to find what kinds of positions are available. You’ll typically find job postings with job titles like human resources, sales representatives, project management, and tech roles. Browse the job description to see what requirements there are and what the scope of the role looks like. Sign up for job alerts to get notified when new jobs are posted.

Jobseekers can also choose to work with a recruiter or headhunter. This way, someone else can do the searching for you. It’s a great option for busy professionals that need to keep working and don’t have the bandwidth to conduct a full job search on their own. It’s also a great way to get connected with job opportunities for higher-level executives.

You can also check the social media sites of companies you admire. This enables you to see when new positions are posted and you can even interact with hiring managers before you apply. 

Apply To Roles

Once you’ve found a role you’re interested in, it’s time to apply! Take time to craft your resume and cover letter for each job you’re applying to. Reach out to the hiring managers on LinkedIn or via email to introduce yourself and make a good first impression. Make sure to review all the requirements and submit all relevant information for a background check if needed. Practice your interviewing skills before you head in to meet the hiring team. It’s also good practice to research the company and have a few questions ready to ask.

Living in Austin

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So you’ve found the best jobs in Austin and now it’s time to make the move. Lucky you! Joining this vibrant city is something you won’t regret. 

To make the moving process easier, check out ATX Guides. Here, you’ll find practical information from the best neighborhoods to live in and general tips on living in Austin to the best movers to use.

You’ll also discover resources for how to enjoy the city to its fullest. You’ll find tips on the latest restaurants to check out, where to go for happy hour, and ways to get outside and enjoy nature in this thriving city.

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