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The Best Neighborhoods in Austin for Families

Moving to a new city can be both exciting and intimidating. There’s so much to get done, from getting ready for a new job to choosing a new neighborhood. If you’re making the move with your family, there’s more to consider than just your own preferences. You’ll likely be looking at the best school districts and trying to figure out which works best for your commute and any activities your family wants to participate in.

Fortunately, there are dozens of beautiful neighborhoods to choose from in Austin. From lively epicenters where you can walk to most things to mellow suburbs with a quieter atmosphere, there’s something for every new Austinite. Here, you’ll find out more about the best neighborhoods in Austin for families.

Best Neighborhoods in Austin for Families

Austin has been among the fastest-growing cities in America for several years now. It seems like everyone is making the move to the heart of Texas these days. With better job opportunities, no income tax, and a lower cost of living, the city has drawn interest from people in more expensive coastal cities. Plus, it has a thriving foodie scene and one of the more fun musical and artistic histories, making it a great place for people who love the arts as well as innovative technology.

Austin is a fairly large city with several dozen neighborhoods to choose from. It encompasses downtown Austin to more affordable areas in North Austin including Round Rock. Below, you’ll find five of the best neighborhoods in Austin for families and a description of what makes them a great choice for people new to the area.

1. Brentwood

Brentwood was long one of the more affordable neighborhoods in Austin. While home prices are still lower than the downtown area and more upscale suburbs, real estate prices have increased, particularly since the covid-19 pandemic. Buying a home here costs anywhere between $300,000 and $700,000 these days. 

What people love about Brentwood is that it’s a quiet area featuring shade trees and streams that flow through the neighborhoods. It’s quiet and has a lot of natural elements that make it easy to get outside and explore. The nine-acre Brentwood Park is a hub for parents to gather and let their kids play and interact, creating a great community feel.

2. Pflugerville

Pflugerville gets its name from early German settlers that called the area home. This German influence is still a key part of the community and you’ll find fun family activities like the Deutschen Pfest each year. This event features a carnival, live music, and other activities the whole family can enjoy.

Pflugerville is also one of the more affordable neighborhoods as it’s located a bit north of the main hub. The average home value here is around $400,000 and values have increased over the last few years, making it a great spot to make an investment. The neighborhood also includes Pflugerville Lake Park where young kids can play on a small beach and older kids can try out new sports like kayaking and windsurfing.

3. Cherrywood

If you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood that still offers easy access to the main attractions in Austin, check out Cherrywood. This neighborhood is known for its quiet streets and single-family homes surrounded by large trees and several parks. Here there are several school offerings, many within walking distance of the large majority of homes. That means you can enjoy big city life just a short drive away and relax in a quieter home environment. 

One of the biggest attractions in the Cherrywood neighborhood is the University of Texas at Austin. Take your kids to see the longhorns take on their rivals or get older kids interested in attending the university.

4. South Lamar

South Lamar in South Austin offers a wide range of living opportunities for new Austinites. The community features an array of apartment buildings and detached homes, making it easy for all types of families to move into the neighborhood.

What makes this neighborhood so great is the plethora of activities and top attractions nearby. It’s close to Zilker Park and the Barton Creek Greenbelt where you can take the kids for a dip in the natural Barton Springs or go for long strolls in the Barton Hills to get their energy out. 

A short drive away and you’ll be in the heart of downtown Austin with all its eateries and shopping. Plus, Lady Bird Lake and its stunning boardwalk are just north of the neighborhood.  Best of all, eateries, local businesses, and event spaces like the Broken Spoke, Matt’s El Rancho, and the Austin Beer Garden are in the neighborhood.

5. Rollingwood

While not the most affordable neighborhood in town, those who can afford to live in Rollingwood find it one of the best places to raise a family in the city. The median house price here costs over $700 per square foot so it’s certainly not for everyone. 

Those who can afford it though will find a tight-knit community with just over 1,000 residents. There is a central drag with most of the community’s businesses and a large park featuring a swimming pool and baseball diamonds where kids can get active. Rollingwood is part of the Eanes School District, a highly rated school district with exceptional offerings for students interested in the arts as well as STEM studies.

6. Allandale

Allandale is an exceptional neighborhood for families that are interested in the arts. It is home to McCallum High School, which was recognized by the Grammy Foundation for its outstanding fine arts school. It’s easily walkable to staples like grocery stores as well as popular eateries serving tacos and Texas fusion cuisine.

Allandale is known for its green spaces and residents that like to be outdoors. Here, you’ll find families walking in the park as well as plenty of dogs and friendly neighbors. The streets are wide and offer plenty of room for walking both during the day and at night.

7. Avery Ranch

Avery Ranch is 20 miles from downtown Austin. That may be too far for some young families, but for others, it’s the perfect blend of peace and access to big city life. Avery Ranch is a master-planned community boasting more than 4,000 homes. Since it’s so large, there are three different elementary schools to choose from as well as nearby middle schools and high schools.

It’s nestled up against Texas Hill Country, and thus offers dozens of bike trails, parks, and sports complexes for families that enjoy getting outdoors. The area also features a golf course boasting more than 200 acres of fun for the whole family. 

Setting Down Roots in Austin

Pennybacker Bridge in Austin, texas

There are dozens of Austin neighborhoods that offer the perfect place to raise a family or live as a young professional. From small-town vibes on the outskirts of town to lively neighborhoods in central Austin, there’s something for everyone. Here, you’ll find condos, bungalows, high-rises, and new homes for single families in close proximity to good schools, coffee shops, and parks.

Other popular neighborhoods include Windsor Park, Crestview, Hyde Park, Leander, East Austin, and the North Loop. When choosing a place to live, it’s a good idea to consult a real estate agent and identify your priorities. Maybe walkability and outdoor activities are most important to you. Perhaps you want a small-town feel or are most focused on great public schools. Let your real estate agent know what matters most to you. Based on that information, they can help you identify the best neighborhoods in Austin for your family.

The Austin area has a neighborhood for just about everyone. From retirees to young professionals with families, there are options for everyone. Plus, crime rates in Austin are typically far below the national average, making it a great choice to raise your family.

New to the area and looking for ways to explore the city? Continue browsing ATX Guides. You’ll find tips on making your move to the city easier and advice on where to find the best food and activities in town.

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