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The Best New Restaurants in Austin, Texas 2019

Austin is one of America’s best cities when it comes to eateries. The city is a lively metropolis serving up dishes from barbecue ribs to sushi flown in from Japan. From downtown Austin to the eastside, you’ll find places where you can dig into tasty sandwiches, Mexican dishes, and upscale brunches.

With so many tastes and flavors, there’s always room for experimentation and great new restaurants. We’ve rounded up this list of the best restaurants that have just opened their doors — plus a few that we’ve loved for years. Discover some of the best new restaurants in Austin and find your new favorite flavors.

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1. Franklin Barbecue
900 E. 11th
Franklin Barbecue features mouthwatering treats from award-winning chef Aaron Franklin. In 2015, Aaron won Best Chef from the James Beard Foundation. This tasty barbecue joint has also been named the Best Barbecue Joint in America by Bon Appetit. At Franklin Barbecue, you can find delicious BBQ meats from brisket and ribs to pulled pork and sausages. Make sure to try one of the local Austin craft beers that are always rotating to keep things interesting.

2. Barley Swine
6555 Burnet Road, Suite 400
Barley Swine has long been one of Austin’s hot spots when it comes to great tasting food. With a new location, Barley Swine’s owner Bryce Gilmore delivers the same great tasting food in a new atmosphere. The menu features exquisite ingredients from smoked goat and pork fat potatoes to shitake dumplings. Try the aged beef tartare or the fried quail for a sumptuous experience. Check out the owner’s sister restaurants: Odd Duck and Sour Duck Market for more tasty meals.

3. Spicy Boys
1701 E 6th St
Spicy Boys offers a funk take to classic fried chicken. The menu focuses heavily on Asian flavors with things like Thai chili ranch sauce, lemon-Sichuan sauce, and the favorite char siu sauce — a blend of pineapple, jalapeno, macadamia, and cilantro. You’ll also find gai sandwiches and extras like roti and curry.

4. Bar Peached
1315 W 6th St
Bar Peached is a new restaurant brought to you by the founders of the Peached Tortilla and Peached Social House. Bar Peached is one of the best new restaurants in Austin and combines Mexican food and Asian-inspired dishes. Enjoy meals and craft cocktails out on the patio or in the indoor dining room accented with shiplap walls. Try the banh mi tacos or the akaushi tri-tip and don’t miss the Korean specialty dessert called bingsu — a tasty ice cream made of shaved ice. The restaurant will also feature weekend brunch in the coming months.

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8557 Research Blvd #126 | 1234 South Lamar Blvd | 1600 East 6th St
This restaurant features three locations in Austin spanning from North Austin to East Austin. The menu features a variety of ramen with pork and chicken broth as a base. Added ingredients include Brussels sprouts, tofu, and of course tasty noodles.

6. Kemuri Tatsu-ya
2713 E 2nd St
Austin restaurants love to blend culinary dishes from contrasting cultures for tasty dishes that are the stuff of dreams. Kemuri Tatsu-ya is no exception. The restaurant combines flavors from a Texas Smokehouse with Japanese izakaya. Established in 2017, the restaurant features updated meals with everything from sashimi to duck breast and beef tongue. Try the Texas ramen or the sticky rice tamale for the best taste of Texas and Japanese flavor infusion.

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104 E. 31st St | 4301 Duval St (Food Truck)
Vaquero Taco specializes in breakfast tacos with a southern Mexican touch. The Tex Mex menu features favorites such as bistec and nopal tacos along with quesadillas and chorizo breakfast items. Make sure to try the restaurant’s specialty: Tacos Al pastor — featuring flame-seared pork in a handmade tortilla with roasted pineapple, cilantro, avocado crema, and salsa.

8. Suerte
1800 E. 6th St
Suerte is the place to go for Authentic Mexican cuisine. The restaurant was voted best new restaurant by Food and Wine in 2019. Sam Hellman-Mass and chef Fermín Nuñez combine their culinary expertise to create this stunning new eatery. Both owners bring a dearth of experience — Hellman-Mass is the founder of Barley Swine and Odd Duck while Nuñez was a chef at Launderette.

Suerte offers brunch and dinner menus featuring things like concha de chocolate and queso frescos Danishes. For dinner, try the duck breast and mole or the goat barbacoa that comes with an amazing sesame habanero salsa. The masa is made in house and many dishes are centered around the classic Mexican food item. The Mexican restaurant features delicious cocktails including palomas, margaritas, and tequilas. Head in for Mezcal Mondays to get happy hour pricing on all mescal drinks.

SdWqiwHghJjo0HbsMh ToFucntWxCR1zOD8xHw23Le 8mB6cxIZ02z6GqtU0IKFh1Bpg4TZStWjsrh0bZXH96D1Hj2Pk0eZS0c UCH PvOSiaaoVeQOxgmf5R BCvEwsipb2DJxI - The Best New Restaurants in Austin, Texas 20199. Olamaie
1610 San Antonio St
Olamaie offers a fine dining experience with exquisite dishes. Try the Gulf White Shrimp with Jefferson red rice or chow down on the ranger cattle beef tartare. Pair your meal with Olamaei’s famous flaky biscuits and a housemade craft cocktail.

10. Emmer & Rye
51 Rainey Street #110
Emmer & Rye takes dining to new frontiers by serving up small plates on rotating carts. The dinner menu features a variety of Chinese dim sum dishes with ingredients such as confit garlic, chicken liver mousse, and trout roe. For brunch Emmer & Rye mixes things up with seasonal themes. This summer, treat yourself to American diner classics or wait until fall to discover the flavors of a French brasserie.

11. Pitchfork Pretty
2708 E. Cesar Chavez St
Owner Seth Baas delivers farm-to-table food with ingredients sourced from their own garden located one mile from the restaurant. The menu changes seasonally depending on what Is growing in the garden. Many of the dishes are vegan-friendly and gluten-free. They also serve up BBQ meats, making this restaurant a well-round place to eat for any group of friends. The laid back, friendly vibe draws you in and the food will keep you coming back for more.  Try the red snapper marinated in habanero oil and don’t forget to try one of the local Austin ales on tap.

12. Uncle Nicky’s

4222 Duval St
Uncle Nicky’s is a deli restaurant that brings Italian food and a relaxed all-day dining experience to Austin. Try classic Italian favorites from antipasti to toasted pastrami sandwiches featuring Italian meats such as mortadella and prosciutto. Don’t miss out on Italian aperitifs such as Campari, Negroni, and an Aperol Spritz.

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801 S Lamar Blvd
Ok, so we know that Uchi is not new, but no best restaurant list in Austin is complete without it. Uchi is arguably the restaurant that announced Austin’s prominence on any foodie’s must-see list. That’s all thanks to the tasty creations from award-winning chef Tyson Cole.

At Uchi, you’ll partake in contemporary Japanese dining with only the freshest and most sustainably sourced ingredients. The restaurant works directly with farmers and fishers and flies in fresh ingredients from the Toyosu market in Japan. Try the fresh sushi and sashimi or opt for Wagyu beef or one of the yellowtail entrees. You can also rent out the dining room for private events.

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