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Where To Find the Best Tamales in Austin

If you’re into Latin food, you know all about tamales. The steamy dough cradles tasty bits of meat, veggies, and sometimes sweet ingredients for an incredible meal. Over the years, more and more variations have appeared on the scene. While traditional pork and chicken tamales are still popular, now you’ll find new flavor infusions featuring things like guava, cream cheese, and shrimp.

 In Austin, there’s no shortage of tamales. From authentic recipes that are centuries old to new takes on the dish, there’s a tasty tamale for everyone. Whether you like meat tamales or prefer vegan styles, here’s where to find the best tamales in Austin.

Where To Get Tamales in Austin

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Tamales are a holiday staple during the Christmas season. But for many Latinos, these little bundles of joy are enjoyed all year long. Whether you’re looking for a holiday tamale or one that you can enjoy in springtime, you’ll find a delicious option at these top spots. From food trucks and dine-in options to takeout and curbside pickup, here’s where to get the best tamales in Austin.

1. Tamale House East

With tamale in the name, you know this place is going to be a hit. Over at 1707 E 6th St, Tamale House East offers several varieties of tamales including ones made with pork, chicken, and beans and jalapenos. Choose from one single tamale for a small lunch or opt for the 6-pack to take some home for later. Don’t miss their Tamale Plate featuring a “Texas-sized tamale” topped with cheese and your choice of sauce. 

2. El Chilito

During the holiday season, Tex-Mex chain El Chilito offers tamales by the half dozen. You’ll find a few different options including black bean tamales, puerco verde, and pollo rojo.

3. Curra’s Grill

Located at 614 E Oltorf St, Curra’s Grill is a Mexican restaurant specializing in tasty foods including tamales, migas, enchiladas, and queso. They are also famous for their avocado margarita which pairs perfectly with a tamale. Their tamales come by the dozen and you can choose from a corn husk or banana leaf wrapper. Choose from chicken, veggie, bean, or pork tamales. They also feature a chicken mole and green chicken tamale for a surcharge.

4. Mr. Natural

Known for their fresh vegetarian ingredients and making everything from scratch in-house, Mr. Natural is naturally one of the best spots to get tamales in Austin. They offer four different vegetarian tamales: one with cheese and jalapenos, one with pinto beans, one with veggies, and finally a  tofu and sunflower seed tamale. You can find them at 1901 E Cesar Chavez St.

5. La Mexicana Bakery

La Mexicana Bakery on S1st St is one of the best bakeries in Austin. They offer incredible baked goods including pineapple empanadas churros, and pastel de leche. But they also make incredible tamales. Stop in for pork and chickens tamales or visit on a weekend for another classic dish: menudo.

6. Tamale Addiction

When you want variety, hit up Tamale Addiction for your tamales. All the tamales here are made from organic corn masa and are gluten-free. You can preorder and pick up your tamales at the farmer’s market, choose delivery if you order 20 or more, or schedule catering for ready-to-eat tamales. Here, you’ll find meat, vegetarian, vegan, and sweet tamales. Flavors include everything from pork tomatillo and chicken mole tamales to nopalitos and exotic guava tamales.

7. Rosie’s Tamale House

For authentic tamales, head over to Rosie’s Tamale House. Here, the Arriaga family has been serving traditional recipe tamales for almost 50 years. They also offer a wide range of Tex-Mex foods and are one of the best taco spots in town.

8. Guero’s Taco Bar

Guero’s Taco Bar on 1412 S Congress Ave offers some of the best tamales in Austin. Their delicious tamale plate features three tamales topped with chile con queso and served with rice and beans on the side. You can also order their tamales a la carte or as an entree paired with enchiladas, tacos, and guacamole.

9. Fresa’s Chicken al Carbon

Fresa’s Chicken al Carbon offers tamales during the holiday season. Don’t miss the chicken tinga tamales stuffed with shredded chicken and a chipotle chili sauce. The rest of the year, you can get tasty Tex-Mex treats here including tacos, quesos, and tortas.

Explore Austin’s Food Scene

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When it comes to delicious tamales, there are plenty of places that serve delicious renditions in Austin. From one single tamale when you just want a snack to a dozen tamales when you want to stock up, these are the best spots for tamales in Austin. At these establishments, you’ll find meat, sweet, vegetarian, and vegan tamales.

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