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The Best Tea House and Tea Shops in Austin

Whether you’re visiting Austin, Texas for the weekend, here on business, or live in the live music capital of the world year-round, the vibrant city offers hundreds of experiences and culinary delights to keep you entertained. While Austin is famous for its mouthwatering food trucks and spin on Tex-Mex food, it’s also home to quaint tea shops that will inspire tea lovers. Discover the best tea house and tea rooms in Austin where you can grab a classic green tea, an herbal tisane, or partake in a fancy afternoon tea.

tea house austin: pastriesThe Best Tea House and Tea Shops in Austin

1. Cup & Leaf Cafe
1700 E. 2nd St, Suite A, Austin, TX 78702

Cup & Leaf is a beautiful tea house that invites you inside for a little relaxation. The outdoor patio area is pet-friendly and inside, you’ll find cozy tables, outlets and enough space to get work done. The tea house also hosts fun events like the sober happy hour, which aims to get the community together for a healthy and fun afternoon. The tea house sells iced tea as well as hot tea and you can find all of their loose leaf tea in their online shop as well.

2. The Steeping Room
4400 N Lamar Blvd
Southern Living ranked this tea shop among the top 10 tea shops in Texas. The owners invite tea lovers to enjoy the flavors of the world with classic offerings like Chinese teas and obscure herbal tisanes from remote jungles. If you’re new to tea, sign up for one of their tea classes where you can learn the art behind brewing tea and hosting a traditional tea service. Stop in for Sunday brunch to pair your favorite cup of tea with treats like scones and tea sandwiches.

3. Brentwood Social House
1601 West Koenig Lane
Brentwood Social House strives to create a community-oriented hangout where people can come together and form new friendships while enjoying delicious food and exquisite teas. They’re wildly popular among Austinites and tourists alike and regularly command raving reviews on Yelp and Google. This tea shop serves up a full English high tea service complete with a 3-tiered stand of sweet and savory snacks. The afternoon tea features a casual ambiance with mismatched china tea sets and a full pot of tea for each person.

4. Guan Yin Tea House
4705 N Interstate Hwy 35
The Guan Yin Tea House focuses on serving Chinese teas and imparting the artistry of the traditional Chinese tea service known as gong fu cha. Here, you’ll enjoy premium Chinese teas in artisan teaware and can partake in tea tastings, tea classes, and workshops to further your love and knowledge of tea.

tea house austin: pancakes5. West China Tea Company
This tea company is owned by So-Han Fan and focuses on crafting an Austin tea culture that specializes in rare and farm-direct tea options. The boutique tea company sources premium teas directly from China and Taiwan on annual or biannual trips to the countries themselves. Teas are selected to highlight famous tea cultivation regions as well as more rare varieties from remote regions. The company can source teas directly if you’re looking for something specific or you can check out their selection over at the Guan Yin Tea House.

6. Xiang Yun Tea Room

6720 N Capital of Texas Hwy
This tea room is part of the Buddhist temple of the same name. The temple offers a lunch service paired with herbal and green teas each day. It’s a great place to go for a spiritual interaction and to enjoy the camaraderie of other local Austinites.

7. Driskill Hotel 
604 Brazos St
Located in downtown Austin, this hotel has been serving up tasty teas and Texas hospitality for more than a century. Stop in for high tea at the historic hotel and enjoy a full spread of tea sandwiches and sweet snacks among the vintage and cozy décor. You’ll love looking at the Texas longhorn mounted over the fireplace and savor your tea under the intricately-carved wood ceiling. With free wi-fi, you can share your favorite snaps from an elite afternoon tea experience in moments.

photo 1520885637330 6f0337def17a8. Four Seasons Hotel Austin 
98 San Jacinto Blvd
If you’re looking for an upscale place to enjoy afternoon tea, head over to the Lobby Lounge in the Four Seasons Hotel. Here, you’ll find traditional teas as well as new spins including champagne tea. Try the chai tea or one of the classic true teas for earthy flavor or opt for an herbal blend if you prefer floral flavors. Don’t forget to enjoy a few pastries and tea sandwiches.

9. Zhi Tea
1023 Springdale Rd, 7A | Formerly at 4607 Bolm Rd
Zhi Tea serves up hot tea in its own tea room and also provides tea to many of the coffee shops in Austin. The tea shop created an ambiance that focuses on pausing, reflecting, and connecting. Stop in and have a pot of black tea or iced tea or join one of their tea club memberships where you can receive award-winning premium teas each month for either six or twelve months.

10. Full English Café 
2000 Southern Oaks Dr.
This small family-owned tea house in Austin is run by a British family that focuses on the English tea culture. Here, you’ll find all-day British breakfast along with a delicious tea menu including favorites such as milk tea, Irish Breakfast, and English Breakfast black teas. You can also find classic fish and chips and fried chicken if you want a heartier meal. The café delivers a cozy, eclectic vibe with vintage pieces and arty décor. High tea is held every Wednesday through Friday at 1:30 pm.

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