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Tea Shop in Austin: 11 Places To Cozy Up With A Cuppa

Tea offers the opportunity to taste the flavors of the world. From earthy and grassy Japanese green tea to bubble tea and sweet and tart hibiscus tea, there is a flavor everyone will enjoy. One of the best ways to discover new flavors is to hit up local tea shops. These tea rooms offer a wide range of flavors and also highlight the art of brewing tea and incorporating it into the social fabric of life — it’s so much more than grabbing a tea bag at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or Starbucks. If you’re looking for a tea shop in Austin, you’ve come to the right place.

While Austin, Texas is famous for having some of the best food trucks, tacos and culinary creations in the United States, the city also delivers when it comes to exquisite afternoon tea and tasty tea blends. Read on to uncover the best tea shops in Austin where you can further your knowledge of tea and settle in with a cozy cup of tea.

tea shop austin: mugs on tableThe Best Tea Shops In Austin

1. Brentwood Social House
1601 West Koenig Lane

Brentwood Social House has created a delightfully laid-back environment hat draws the community together over a love for coffee & tea. Order a latte or an espresso for a caffeinated boost or opt for an assortment of teas sourced from Zhi Tea and AYAM Yerba Mate. The tea room features a fun afternoon tea complete with a 3-tiered stand of finger sandwiches and sweet treats. At this hotspot, you’ll find coworking spaces where you can relish your productivity in a quiet environment as well as separate spaces for children to play and a dog-friendly backyard.

2. The Steeping Room
4400 N Lamar Blvd

The Steeping Room is an award-winning tea house that has earned recognitions from Southern Living and Travel + Leisure. This tea house is the go-to place for all your tea needs. You can grab a cup of black tea, chai tea, or a floral herbal tisane or sign up for one of their educational tea courses. In addition, the tea shop serves up an exquisite brunch and afternoon tea if you want to enjoy a day filled with the beauty and artistry of tea.

tea shop austin: glass teapot3. Cup & Leaf Cafe
1700 E. 2nd St, Suite A, Austin, TX 78702

If you’re looking for a bright tea shop with a touch of nature, head over to the newly opened Cup & Leaf Cafe. The atmosphere is light-hearted and vibrant with crisp white tables and green plants adorning the shelves and windowsills. Behind the counter, you’ll find co-owner Cosette who is more than happy to introduce you to your next favorite cup of tea. The fruity iced teas are just the thing to help you cool off in summer and the hot pots of tea can get you through a study session or work marathon.

4. Revival Coffee
1405 E 7th St

Revival coffee is a tea shop in Austin that is dog-friendly. It’s also a coffee shop that is laid back and serves up tasty teas from around the world. The tea room offers a good amount of workspace and cozy corners where you can collaborate with team members or work on your own. The shop offers butter tea mixes as well as Cup & Leaf Butterfly Pea Flower Tea — a color-changing tea that turns from deep blue to vibrant purple when lemon is added. The tea is brewed with hibiscus and guava at the bottom of the cup to add even more color.

5. Zhi Tea
1023 Springdale Rd, 7A

Located east of downtown Austin, Zhi tea is one of the largest tea companies in Austin. Their selection of teas can be found in their own tea room as well as coffeeshops throughout the city. The company offers memberships where you can receive a new tea each month and also offers tea tastings and courses. The best part? You can order your favorite teas online after trying them in the store so you always have your favorite flavors on hand if you want to brew at home.

6. Full English
2000 Southern Oaks Dr.

Full English is a wildly fun tea shop with delicious teas and a hearty dose of British humor. The shop also features classic English fare like fish and chips, free wifi, and delicious milk tea. Here, you’ll find bagged teas from Twinings and Tetley as well as loose leaf teas from Zhi. The tea house serves up an affordable afternoon tea as well so you can enjoy the British influence on tea culture in its authentic form.

tea 3863678 12807. Driskill Hotel
604 Brazos St

The Driskill Hotel is an Austin fixture. This hotel has been in the business of delivering hospitality with a touch of luxury for more than a century. It’s also one of the best places in Austin to grab high tea. The historic hotel décor adds warmth to intriguing conversation and a delicious spread of scones, pastries, and of course — a pot of tea.

8. Guan Yin Tea House
4706 N Interstate Hwy 35

The Guan Yin Tea House is a tea shop in Austin that is all about Chinese teas. From green tea to oolong tea and black tea, this tea shop highlights Chinese cultural influences and educates consumers on the art of Chinese tea drinking. You can sign up for classes to learn more about premium teas or the traditional gong fu cha tea service. Settle in with a cup of premium tea and marvel at the stunning artisan teaware and exquisite flavors each cup has to offer. This tea shop is also easily accessible off the 35 just north of the University of Texas.

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