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Best Dim Sum in Austin: Hotspots for this Chinese Cuisine

When you think of Austin’s culinary scene, you’re more likely to think of tacos and brisket than dim sum. However, Austin still offers a dazzling selection of Asian eateries, even if they are less well known than their Tex-Mex counterparts. With an increasing Chinese population, dim sum joints around town are becoming easier to find. Here, we’ll show you where to find the best dim sum in Austin from classic takes to fusion influences.

Where To Get the Best Dim Sum in Austin

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Austin’s dim sum scene may be small, but the quality is incredible. Here, you’ll find several different dim sum restaurants where you can dine on everything from wontons to Peking duck. For those who don’t know, dim sum is a traditional Chinese meal featuring small plates and snacks. It’s commonly hosted on the weekend and dim sum restaurants are usually vibrant and lively. With more than a thousand dim sum dishes, there truly is something for everyone. Read on to find where you can get the best dim sum in Austin.

1. Lin Asian Bar and Dim Sum

This Austin dim sum restaurant is run by Ling Qi Wu, the former dim sum chef at Wu Chow (see below). Trained as a professional chef and hailing from China, her dim sum service is the real deal. That means you should get here early and expect to wait — but trust us, your patience will be rewarded! 

Lin Asian Bar delicacies you can’t miss include the Shanghai jumbo seafood soup dumplings, crispy pork and shrimp sui mai, and the beef potstickers. There’s also a dim sum brunch menu featuring baked pineapple bao and pan-fried turnip cakes.

2. Shanghai Chinese Restaurant

Shanghai is another tried and true dim sum restaurant. You know the food is good when it’s a family-run establishment and you recognize the waiter and cashier each time you visit. Shanghai has been serving fresh, handmade dim sum for almost 20 years. You can order dim sum online or visit the restaurant for the full experience. Some of our favorite items on the menu include the steamed BBQ pork buns, Shanghai soup dumplings, and shrimp fried rice.

3. Wu Chow

Wu Chow made quite the buzz when they first hit the scene. The restaurant features Chinese-born and trained chefs, making their dim sum service among the most authentic in town. Wu Chow also mixed things up with a hip and trendy vibe and craft cocktails. As a result, it instantly became the place to go for the best dim sum in Austin. Try the Sichuan spicy wontons, the veggie dumplings, and the chicken and taro egg rolls.

4. Chinatown

Chinatown is one of the best Austin restaurants for Chinese food. Make sure to go to the MoPac location in North Austin as it’s the only one in town that does dim sum service. There, you’ll find delicious dim sum delicacies with a fun and lively ambiance. Some delicacies are finished right at your table so you can enjoy hot, crispy treats just the way dim sum was meant to be enjoyed.

The menu includes a wide array of dim sum dishes. Some of our favorites include the chicken shitake mushroom dumpling, egg custard tarts, and sweet rice wrapped in lotus leaf. The restaurant also makes incredible fusion dishes including steamed spare ribs with black bean sauce and coffee-glazed baby back ribs.

5. New Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Located at 10901 N Lamar Blvd, New Fortune is the perfect place to get an authentic dim sum experience. Waiters pushcarts with different delicacies through the boisterous restaurant as families enjoy the dim sum service. The dim sum menu here includes classics like Cantonese dumplings, sticky rice, and their famous chicken feet. While typically a weekend meal, you can also indulge in a small di sum offering during lunch and dinner time.

6. Jade Restaurant

Another great option for the best dim sum in Austin is Jade Restaurant. The dim sum service here is mainly focused on dumplings. Try the shrimp and scallop dumplings and the steamed egg cream buns.  The deep-fried turnovers are another favorite as is the sponge cake.

7. Julie’s Noodles

Julie’s Noodles offers both takeout and dine-in meals made by experienced chefs in a friendly atmosphere. Their dim sum menu includes a variety of dumplings, pancakes, and handmade noodles.

Dine Out in Austin

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From South Austin to the northern reaches of the city, there are several places to head when you want the best dim sum in Austin, Texas. Each restaurant on this list does dim sum a little bit differently, but each one shines when it comes to certain dishes. From traditional takes on dim sum to fun fusion ideas, there’s something for everyone in Austin’s dim sum scene.

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