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The Best Chinese Buffet in Austin: Top Asian Buffets To Visit

Chinese food is some of the best comfort food on the planet. It’s not only full of flavor, it’s often affordable and comes in huge portions. Whether you’re looking for takeout or a dine-in buffet, Austin delivers when it comes to Chinese food options. Here are some of the best Chinese Buffets in Austin and Chinese hot spots that you can’t miss.

The Best Chinese Buffets in Austin

1. Buffet Palace

At Buffet Palace, you can dive into enormous portions of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean specialties. You’ll find classics from lo mein and dumplings to Asian pancakes that are cooked in the middle of the restaurant on a griddle. Each night, you’ll find 10 to 20 kinds of sushi, various soups, and house specials, making each visit unique.

2. Chang’s Mongolian Grill

When you think of Austin BBQ your mind may envision heaping mounds of slow-roasted brisket and the best fried chicken joints in town. But the city also serves up incredible Mongolian BBQ that simmers and sizzles right before your eyes. At Chang’s Mongolian Grill, you can load up your plate with veggies and meats and watch the buffet chef stir fry the ingredients to perfection.

3. East Buffet

East Buffet serves up fresh, handmade sushi, Mongolian, and seafood delights at an affordable price. Here, you’ll find traditional entrees like sweet and sour pork, Moo Goo Gai Pan, and sesame chicken. The family restaurant also has a large events space where you can rent out the room and host parties and celebrations.

4. China Star

China Star offers an all-you-can-eat buffet with traditional Chinese fare and seafood including crab legs. Owned and operated by a local family, this restaurant offers authentic Chinese foods including egg rolls and fried rice. The buffet is restocked constantly and features 100 dishes that are served all day. Stop in for a discounted lunch or swing by for dinner with family and friends.

5. Thai Spice Buffet and Restaurant

Located in the Lakeway region of Texas, Thai Spice Buffet and Restaurant is an upscale restaurant serving only the freshest ingredients. They’re known for having the best Thai food around and you’ll also find an incredible array of Chinese dishes and influences including dumplings.

6. Din Ho Chinese BBQ

The vibe at Din Ho Chinese Barbecue is relaxed and casual. Stop in for their buffet offerings and sink your teeth into some of the best Chinese food in Austin. Owned and operated by the local Din Ho family, this restaurant is as authentic as it gets. Don’t miss their BBQ specials including roasted pork belly, Chicken Gai Lan, and Beijing Duck.

7. Fujian Grand China Buffet

Fujian Grand China Buffet offers great food at affordable prices when you’re sniffing out the best Chinese dishes in town. Start with a light appetizer like dumplings and crabmeat Rangoon and follow that up with heartier treats like chow mein, roast pork, and seafood dishes.

8. Shanghai River

Shanghai River’s buffet offers more than 60 dishes so you can get adventurous next time you have a hankering for Chinese delicacies. Their dishes mainly focus on Szechuan and Hunan cuisine. Don’t miss their incredible wonton soup, curry chicken, and Hunan beef. This Chinese restaurant is also a great option if you’re looking for vegan or vegetarian options. They have a large buffet featuring these specialty items which include a special take on General Tso’s chicken, swapping out the chicken with tofu. When you’re done satisfying your craving for Chinese food, head across the parking lot to Alamo Drafthouse where you can enjoy some of the best brews in Austin.

9. Chen Z Noodle House

Chen Z Noodle House is located in Spicewood and offers a variety of Chinese plates and dishes for takeout and in-house dining. Menu items include savory seafood tofu soup, stir-fried beef in a black bean sauce, and duck meat fried rice.

10. Ho Ho Chinese Barbecue

Ho Ho Chinese Barbecue isn’t technically a buffet restaurant. However, they do offer several different family menus that can feed anywhere from three to ten people. With these family menus, you can indulge in a large number of Chinese dishes. These include things like Braised Yee Mein, Walnut Shrimp, and Fried Crispy Pork Chop.

11. Sichuan River

Sichuan River offers a traditional buffet focused on Cantonese specials. These include favorites like hot pot and several different noodle dishes. Best of all, this restaurant is located in South Austin so you can check out the local neighborhood after you savor the delicious dishes. It also offers some of the best takeout in Austin if you want to eat Chinese food in the comfort of your own home.

12. Jade Restaurant

Jade Restaurant is the sister location of the famed New Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant, which served some of the best dim sum in town before the pandemic forced it to close its doors. At Jade, you’ll find some of the same incredible Chinese dishes including Kung Pao Shrimp, Steamed Sea Bass, and Chicken Basil Clay Pot.

13. Asia Cafe

Asia Cafe isn’t really a buffet restaurant, but it deserves a  mention on this list of the best Chinese buffets in Austin anyways. With affordable pricing, you can order several dishes and share plates with friends and family — making your own little mini buffet at the table. Try the Shredded Chicken with Asparagus, Twice Cooked Pork, and fried cheese wontons.

14. Twin Lion Chinese Restaurant

Twin Lion offers huge portions of authentic Chinese cuisine. With lunch, dinner, and takeout, it’s always a good time to order Chinese delicacies from this favorite restaurant. There’s a special kid’s menu so you can keep the whole family happy whether you want to try something different or stick to classic favorites.

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