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The Best Korean Food Austin Has To Offer: Restaurants You Have To Try

When you think of Austin’s food scene, you probably dream up tacos, Tex-Mex, and brisket. However, Austin also has a fledgling Korean food scene. While not as huge as the Korean options in bigger cities like Los Angeles and New York, Austin still delivers the goods when it comes to Korean BBQ and other specialties. In true Austin-style, you’ll also find fun fusion spots in addition to traditional Korean restaurants. Here’s where to go for the best Korean food Austin has to offer.

Where To Go for the Best Korean Food Austin-Style 

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Most of Austin’s Korean food restaurants are located in the northern part of the city — where there’s a larger Asian population. While there are a few spots in the downtown area, the trek to North Austin is worth it when you can snag dishes like kimchi fries and authentic bulgogi. Some of these restaurants specialize in soups and stews while others are the top places to go when you want to grill up your own Korean BBQ. Here’s where to go for the best Korean food Austin is serving up.

1. Korea House Restaurant

Korea House Austin is located at 2700 W Anderson Ln and they offer a special Korean barbeque dining experience. There’s both patio dining if you want to enjoy a shady afternoon meal or indoor dining if you prefer to take a break from the summer heat. Korean food on the menu includes bokkembob, ribeye bulgogi, kimchi jiggae, and saeng galbi. 

2. Chi’lantro BBQ

Chi’lantro is home to Korean cuisine and Austin’s famous kimchi fries. This restaurant and food truck offers a Mexican-Korean fusion take on classic meals. The menu largely focuses on bowls where you can choose your own veggies, toppings, sauces, and meats. They also serve up Korean fried chicken wings and chi’jeu queso and chips that shouldn’t be missed.

3. Charm Korean BBQ

Charm Korean BBQ at 1200 W Howard Ln specializes in authentic Korean dishes. Try the hot stone Bibimbap, cold noodles, beef short ribs, or a hot pot. You can also dine on all you can eat Korean barbecue at three different price points. The owners also opened up a sister spot called Charm BBQ Chicken where you can get your hands on Korean fried chicken and delicious sauces.

4. Oseyo

Oseyo takes mom’s recipes and adds a modern spin to them. The restaurant offers a warm, rustic interior that feels like home and a garden courtyard. The menu features several fried rice dishes as well as wood grill, noodle, and soup specialties.

5. Seoulju Korean Kitchen

Seoulju Korean Kitchen gets its name from a play on words: Seoul for the Korean capital and Soju — the famous beverage from the Asian nation. Here, you’ll find Korean fried chicken as well as soups and rice plates. Their main entrees include delicacies like kimchi pancakes, dakgalbi, and bul ne.

6. K-Bop

K-Bop Austin is a trendy Korean restaurant serving up the goods. Try the chicken katsu bowl, the kimchi fried rice, or a variety of kimbops. 

7. Jjim Korean Braised BBQ

Jjim gets its name from the dish traditionally served during celebrations. This lively BBQ restaurant serves up traditional Korean dishes in a family-friendly environment. Naturally, the menu includes both beef and chicken jjim as well as small plates, korean pancakes, and other authentic entrees. 

8. Koriente

Koriente is all about offering quick, healthy, and affordable Korean cuisine. The restaurant offers several vegan and vegetarian options and all dishes are made using fresh vegetables and no MSG. Try one of the curries, obake bowls, or our favorite: the lemon pepper papaya salad.

9. Mom’s Taste

Mom’s Taste isn’t technically a restaurant. It’s a mini market offering houemade banchan and small Korean dishes that you can take home — or find ingredients to make the dishes yourself. 

10. Korean Grill

Korean Grill located at 10901 N Lamar Blvd has been serving some of the best Korean food Austin has to offer for more than 10 years. The family owned restaurant is unassuming and unpretentious, but the food is top-notch. The menu is packed with jjigae, hot pots, bulgogis, stir fries, and side dishes to suit all tastes.

11. Chosun Galbi

Chosun Galbi is one of Austin’s longest-running Korean restaurants. It’s one of the best places to get Korean BBQ where you can grill the different meats right at your own table. Plus, the menu has several korean dishes including several jji gae options and an incredible seafood udon.

12. H Mart

H Mart is an Asian grocery store with a food court that offers delicious Korean fare. Grab noodles and soups from Damma or head to Donkey Mo’s for authentic fried chicken.

13. Manna Korean Restaurant

Manna is one of the best Korean restaurants in Austin, Texas. While other restaurants focus on BBQ, this spot is all about the soups, noodles, and stews. Try the Yokgaejang — a soup with spicy shredded beef — or the Hoe Nangmyeon featuring raw fish with iced noodle and spicy sauce.

14. Jan Chi Korean Cuisine & BBQ

Jan Chi Korean Cuisine is the best spot in town when you want to feast with friends and family. This BBQ spot also offers tasty dishes like crispy fried mandu salad, chicken teriyaki bibimbap, and haemul soon tofu.

Fall in Love With Austin’s Asian Food Scene

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From the best Korean BBQ places and traditional family-run restaurants to Asian-fusion hot spots, finding the best Korean food Austin has to offer is easy peasy. These top restaurants offer meat-lover, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-friendly options. Many of these restaurants also offer happy hour and brunch where you can try special menu items and get more bang for your buck.

Looking for more delicious Asain fare in Austin? Lucky for you, Austin has dozens of restaurants serving everything from Chinese buffets to authentic Japanese food. Check out our guides to the best dim sum, Thai restaurants, and ramen hot spots in town. Browse our site to continue discovering Austin’s incredible culinary scene and get tips on the top things to do in the city.

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