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Your Guide To the Best Fajitas in Austin

You can hear the sizzling platter leave the kitchen and smell the spices and aromas marinating as the waiter makes his way to the table. The juicy meat combined with peppers and onions appears in front of you accompanied with guacamole, sour cream, cheese, and salsa. Are you salivating as much as we are? If you’re a fajita lover, you know just how this moment feels. As fajita-obsessed individuals ourselves, we’ve hit all the top spots in town to find out who serves the best dishes. Here, you’ll find our guide to the best fajitas in Austin. Let’s dive in.

The Best Fajitas in Austin

best fajitas in Austin: Tex-Mex dish

Austin, Texas is known for its love of food and live music. The city has perfected the blend of Tex-Mex flavors and lively culture, making it a mecca for foodies. At these Austin restaurants, you’ll find some of the best Tex-Mex food on the planet. Read on to find the best fajitas in Austin and our top recommendations.

1. Habanero Mexican Cafe

Located at 501 W Oltorf St, Habanero Mexican Cafe serves up fajitas that some Austinites argue are the best in town. The fajitas here are grilled to order over a mesquite fire, giving them a delicious smoky flavor. The meat also spends several hours in a marinade, resulting in a juicy treat. Choose from beef and chicken fajitas or get the Beef Fajita Ranchera if you want a little spice — that dish comes with the addition of jalapeños. 

2. Polvo’s

Polvo’s serves up 13 different fajita options. From classics like chicken, beef, and shrimp fajitas to more exotic takes like the rib eye, fish, and al pastor options, you can’t go wrong with a fajita dish at Polvo’s. Their Fajitas al Guajillo is our favorite and features an Asian-inspired infusion. Choose from beef, chicken, or al pastor and savor the unique ingredients including sun-dried peppers, peanuts, pecans, and raisins. They are also known for another entree — the Carne Guisada. It features beef tips drizzled in a thick red gravy and topped with pico de gallo and cheese. It also comes with rice, beans, and tortillas to round out the plate.

3. Matt’s El Rancho

You know the Tex-Mex food is going to be good when a place makes its own tortillas. Matt’s El Rancho serves up authentic Tex-Mex food including some of the best tacos in Austin. On the menu, you’ll also find other favorites including burritos, nachos, and chicken enchiladas. The star here of course is their sizzling fajitas. Choose from certified Angus beef, chicken, Gulf Coast Shrimp, or veggies.

4. Lupe Tortilla’s

Lupe Tortillas is a high-quality Tex-Mex restaurant offering brunch and dinner. Here, you’ll find incredible breakfast tacos and some of the most raved about fajitas. For breakfast, their Carne Asada and Eggs with fajita beef and their Fajita Omelet — featuring fajita beef, roasted poblano peppers, grilled onions, Jack cheese, and a spicy red sauce — are to die for. 

5. Pappasito’s Cantina

This locale generates heated discussion among locals when it comes to fajitas. Some love the fajitas and others are downright turned away by higher prices and the fact that it’s a chain restaurant. You’re either in love with Pappasito’s or you won’t step foot in the door — there is no in-between.


We happen to think their fajitas are delicious and worth the splurge. The fajitas are grilled over a mesquite fire and served with fresh flour tortillas. Choose from chicken, beef, or shrimp and you can add extras like jalapeno cheese sausage, pork ribs, grilled quail, and Diablo Shrimp. Stop in for their Fajita Wednesdays where you can get a one-pound beef and chicken fajita with all the fixings including chile con queso, guacamole, and chips and salsa.

6. Sazon

Located in the Bouldin and South Austin area, Sazon is one of the top Austin restaurants when it comes to fajitas. Standout Mexican food on the menu includes migas and their Fajitas de Sazon is incredible. The fajitas come with grille chicken or hanger steak and a hefty portion of grilled onions, guacamole, pico de Gallo, sour cream, rice, beans, and flour or corn tortillas.

7. Maudie’s Cafe

Maudie’s Cafe often finds itself on “best of” lists — and for good reason. This Tex-Mex restaurant features excellent happy hour deals and some of the tastiest food in the city. Best of all, there are several locations in Austin so you’re always close to delicious Tex-Mex fare — whether you live near Lamar and South Congress, in the Bee Cave area, or in South Austin.


Their fajita menu includes beef, chicken, veggies, Gulf Shrimp, and combo options. The fajitas are grilled and served sizzling with onions, serrano peppers, and yellow and green peppers. On the side, you’ll get rice, beans, guacamole, cheese, sour cream, and pico de gallo.

8. Manuel’s

Manuel’s offers regional Mexican fare and some of the best fajitas in town. Their fajitas are marinated in a special sauce for hours and then chargrilled before being served up on a sizzling platter. The dish comes with grilled peppers and onion, queso, guacamole, salsa fresca, black beans, and tortillas. Pair it with their appetizers — the quesadillas, tortilla soup, and Juan’s Ceviche are among our favorites. If you’re into sipping tequila, this spot also has a long list of specialty options for you to try.

9. Enchiladas y Mas

Enchiladas y Mas is one of the most beloved Mexican restaurants in Austin. It’s a great place to go when you want authentic fare at great prices. Their fajitas are made with fresh grilled tomatoes and serrano peppers, creating a juicy dish that you’ll be salivating over for days to come. The meat marinade is packed with flavor that you truly won’t forget — trust us, you have to try it.

10. Chuy’s

Chuy’s is a fun and laid-back Mexican restaurant serving up fajitas and fresh, homemade tortillas. The beef or chicken is marinated in a signature sauce featuring Shiner Bock beer, lime juice, spices, and serrano peppers. Served with grilled onions, peppers, and all the fixings, it’s one of the best fajitas in Austin. 

Chow Down in Austin

Looking for the best Mexican restaurants in Austin? We’ve got you covered at ATX Guides. Whether you want tamales, chile relleno, or a tasty margarita and happy hour deals, you’ll find tips on the best spots to check out. 


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