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Start Your Quest for the Best Pie in Austin at These 9 Places

Austin is as American as apple pie. It’s also as American as hippies and tech startups, but today, we’re focusing on pie. You can find a lot of pie in this city. (Not surprising, given Austin‘s hot restaurant scene — you can find a lot of everything from boba tea to brisket.) So, today we’re seeking out the best pie in Austin

We’ve rounded up nine pies that feature flaky pie crusts and fillings of nuts, fruit, chocolate, blondies, and even buttermilk. These are the Austin pie places that are sure to please.  

Where to Find the Best Pie in Austin 

Head to these nine bakeries, cafes, and restaurants to find a pie worthy of your pie hole. 

1. Tiny Pies: Sweet Texas Pecan Pie 

best pie in austin: pecan pie

5035 Burnet Rd

Bite-size or otherwise, Tiny Pies makes some of the best dessert in Austin. It’s our go-to for a traditional Texas pecan pie

Their version of this southern staple has a well-balanced flavor — full of rich, nutty notes and without the cloying sweetness of some pecan pies. This choice has even received state-wide recognition, voted one of the 10 best pecan pies in the entire Lone Star State. 

You can get their Sweet Texas Pecan in a tiny-size or full-size pie, depending on which option works best for your diet: Option A) “Of course I ate six of them — they’re tiny!” or Option B) “I only had one slice of pie!” *Half the pie is gone.*

In addition to their flagship location on Burnet Road, you can find Tiny Pies in three other spots around the city: One on S Lamar Blvd., one in Westlake, and one opening soon in Lakeway. 

2. Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery: Coconut Cream Pie

411 E 43rd St

Quack’s 43rd St Bakery always makes our shortlist of the best bakeries in Austin. And anyone who disagrees might be a quack … or maybe they just haven’t tried the Coconut Cream Pie

With specialty pastries of all kinds (picture croissants and Danishes galore!), this bakery knows how to pull off a flaky pastry. Their pie crust is rich and buttery, and always perfectly golden brown. 

The filling in their coconut cream pie is silky smooth, which makes this one of the best pies in Austin if you want to eat it, and the best pie in Austin if you want to pie someone in the face. (We think this quirky bakery would approve of our childish antics, but maybe not if we did it in their shop.)

While there is only one Quack‘s, they have two sister shops: Captain Quackenbush’s Coffeehouse on Menchaca Rd. and Lady Quackenbush’s Cakery on Simond Ave. 

3. Upper Crust Bakery: Dutch Apple Pie

4508 Burnet Rd

This traditional bakery uses simple ingredients with no preservatives or dough conditioners. But the preservative-free pastry crust isn’t the only thing that makes the Dutch Apple Pie extra special. 

This recipe uses Granny Smith apples with a touch of cinnamon and sugar for a sweet-tart flavor combo that has more depth than a traditional apple pie. And instead of layering more pie crust on top, this apple pie is topped with a traditional dutch crumble topping, similar to what you’d see on a cobbler

The crumble adds a more delicious buttery flavor and an additional texture that’s similar to a biscuit or scone — all this leads to a richer mouth feel that automatically makes you go “Mmm…” At least, that’s how it works for us.  

4. Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop: Cherry Crumble Mini-Pie 

best pie in austin: cherry pie

1905 S 1st St

If you’re only going to Sugar Mama’s for the cupcakes, you’re missing out. Actually, you’re making great life choices, Sugar Mama’s has some of the best cupcakes in Austin. But this little bakery has more to offer. So perhaps the next time you visit, you should order your Strawberry Love cupcake with a side of Cherry Crumble Pie. 

You can order the Cherry Crumble daily as a mini pie, and if you plan ahead, you can custom order a full-size version too. This pie has the hint of tartness you expect from a good cherry pie, and similar to Upper Crust’s Dutch Apple Pie, it’s made with a pie crust on bottom and a crumble on top.   

5. Lucy’s Fried Chicken: S’Mores Pie

2218 College Ave. 

Lucy’s serves up some of Austin‘s best fried chicken, sweet tea (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and pie. We can’t think of anything more Americana than that — except maybe a summer bonfire. You can get the bonfire flavor without getting smoke in your eyes when you try Lucy’s S’mores Pie.  

This decadent dessert starts with a graham cracker crust. Add a rich and silky chocolate filling and a toasted house-made marshmallow topping, and you’ve got summertime in a pie. 

You can find this flavor combo at their location in the South Congress neighborhood, or at Lucy’s two other locations on Burnett Road or in Cedar Park. 

6. Cake & Spoon: Buttermilk Pie  

3008 Gonzales St.

It might not seem possible for something to be both incredibly traditional and totally unique, but Cake & Spoon proves that it is. This bakery serves classic, but hard-to-find, savory hand pies like English Sausage Rolls, and they whip up a sweet Southern pie you’ve probably never heard of, but your grandma definitely has: Buttermilk Pie.  

This dish is similar to a custard pie or chess pie, but instead of being made with cream, it’s made with tangy buttermilk. That tanginess provides a brighter flavor that keeps this pie from following the fate of many custard pies, which can be too sweet and too plain. Imagine the silky texture of a custard pie combined with mild tang of a cheesecake, and you’re starting to get the picture of Buttermilk Pie. 

If you want to get a taste of this pie, you might have to go a little out of your way. Cake & Spoon doesn’t actually have a shop you can visit, but they currently offer curbside pickup at their East Austin kitchen on Gonzales Street if you order ahead of time. You can also pick up their pies at one of Austin‘s best BBQ restaurants, Franklin Barbecue, from Tuesday to Saturday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. 

Or, you can stop by the SFC Farmers’ Market in Downtown Austin or the Texas Farmers’ Market in Lakeline on Saturdays between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. You can also find some of their baked goods at Royal Blue Grocery stores around the city. 

7. Chez Zee: Key Lime Pie  

best pie in austin: key lime pie

5406 Balcones Dr.  

Chez Zee is a bistro, bakery, and bar. They serve pie by the slice, so the next time you have quick a pie craving to fill (or just wanna fill your pie hole) you can head over for a slice of their authentic Key Lime Pie, made with real key limes. 

Key limes have a distinctly different flavor from your typical grocery store limes. They’re stronger and contain aromatic notes similar to herbs or flowers. If you used grocery store limes to make a key lime pie in Key West, it would be a capital offense. But Chez Zee‘s authentic recipe with a creamy key lime filling on a graham cracker crust can hang with the island bakeries. 

8. Jack Allen’s Kitchen: Blondie Pie

7720 Highway 71 West 

This popular Austin brunch spot only has one pie on its menu, but the recipe is so unique and delicious, it deserves a place on any round up of the best pies in Austin. So, next time you visit, skip the brunch and go straight to dessert for the Blondie Pie. 

This recipe features a gooey Tollhouse blondie, filled with walnuts and white chocolate chips, baked inside a pie crust, and then topped with chocolate sauce, caramel, and Amy’s Mexican vanilla ice cream

Jack Allen’s prides themselves on sourcing the best local ingredients, and that ice cream comes from Amy’s Ice Creams, one of the best ice cream shops in Austin

In addition to their Oak Hill location, Jack Allen’s has restaurants on Loop 360 and Anderson Lane, plus they have locations in some of Austin‘s best suburbs, including Round Rock and Cedar Park. 

9. Papi’s Pies: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

10 Chisholm Trail Rd. 

Located in Round Rock, this casual restaurant serves cafe-style eats like quiche and sandwiches, along with their show-stopping selection of pies. Our favorite is the Strawberry Rhubarb, but the Bourbon Pecan is a close second. 

The Strawberry Rhubarb Pie is a summer season staple. The sweet strawberries contrast with the tart rhubarb, and the buttery pie crust adds richness to this otherwise light pie. And if it tastes light and bright, that means we can eat as much as we want, right?

You’ll find us in the corner devouring a whole pan of Papi’s Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. 

Easy as Pie 

We’ve rounded up a lot of pies for you to put in your pie hole, so head to your nearest bakery and fill up on flaky pastry with sweet, tart, or silky fillings (and sometimes all three at once). 

Then, once you’ve finished your dessert, head to one of Austin‘s best coffee shops to balance out the sweetness with a bitter brew. Or, start planning tomorrow’s breakfast at one of the best donut shops in Austin. (Hey, our life motto is eat dessert first … and second … and third.)


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