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Treat Yourself to the Best Ice Cream In Austin

Looking for a decadent way to indulge yourself? Austin serves exquisite ice cream, gelato, and soft serve that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you cool in the hotter months. Like other culinary trends in Austin, ice cream is so much more than scoop in this vibrant city. Here in the city famous for keeping things weird, you’ll find boozy ice cream blends, all-natural vegan treats sourced directly from local farmers and Mexican-inspired sorbets. Discover the best ice cream in Austin with this mouth-watering list.

best ice cream in Austin: sundaeThe Best Ice Cream Shops In Austin

1. Cow Tipping Creamery 
4715 South Lamar Blvd

Cow Tipping Creamery is an Austin food truck and brick and mortar shop serving soft-serve ice cream with exotic housemade toppings. The soft serve is made with a high-quality dairy base and toppings are crafted using all-natural ingredients. Toppings include everything from funfetti cake chunks and peanut butter blondie bar chunks to sauces like brown sugar hot fudge and strawberry puree. You can also add nuts like pecans and almonds or seasonal fruits and sprinkles.

2. Amy’s Ice Creams
1301 South Congress Ave

Amy’s offers a rotation of 350 flavors so every visit is a new culinary experience. The chain offers several locations across Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. Here, you’ll also find ice cream cakes, seasonal goods, and a vibrant atmosphere. Don’t miss the specialty ice cream flavors like the Almond Amaretto and apple pie.

best ice cream in Austin: raspberry popsicles3. Dolce Neve Gelato 
1713 S 1st St

Owner Francesca received training at the Italian Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna and honed her skills working at one of the most famous gelaterias in Italy. Bringing her skills to Austin, she opened Dolce Neve with her fiancé and brother on South First Street. The gelato shop features staple flavors like chocolate, stracciatella, and salted caramel in addition to rotating flavors like mascarpone and figs, pecan and honey, and almond custard.

4. Prohibition Creamery 
1407 E 7th St

Prohibition Creamery is all about having fun. The ice cream shop blends alcohol and ice cream into a deliciously good time. The boozy offerings include sorbet and dairy ice creams with ingredients like tiramisu, brandied cherries, vanilla, and whiskey chocolate. The shop focuses on using local ingredients and offering an upscale, yet laid-back atmosphere. Our favorites are the prickly pear mezcal, sangria sorbet, and the pecan buttered rum. You can also pair your decadent treats with fancy cocktails, fine wine, and craft beer.

5. Sweet Ritual 
4631 Airport Blvd #125

Sweet Ritual makes ice cream for everyone — whether you’re looking for a Keto, Paleo, allergy-friendly, or vegan option. These dairy-free ice creams are crafted in small artisan batches made from local ingredients that include fruits, fragrant spices, and gluten-free baked goods. The shop is environmentally-conscious too, using compostable bowls, spoons, and straws. Choose from vegan options made with almond butter, coconut milk, peanut butter, or sunflower seed butter bases.

photo 1517093157656 b9eccef91cb16. Lick Honest Ice Creams 
1100 S Lamar Blvd #1135

Lick Honest uses the purest ingredients in their artisanal ice creams for the best flavor. You’ll never find preservatives, artificial flavors, or other harmful additives. All cream and dairy comes straight from a family-owned dairy in central Texas and is used to make their baked goods, toppings like marshmallows, and ice creams. Try the Cilantro Lime ice cream or the Dewberry Corn Cobbler.

7. Michoacana Natural Ice Cream

9426 Parkfield Dr

Michoacana serves up traditional Mexican ice cream treats like the ones you’d find from street food vendors. Savor popsicles, known as paletas, and Mexican vanilla ice cream or cool off with a mangonada featuring fresh fruit, lime, chili, and chamoy. You can also find vegan ice cream options like fruit cocktails, banana split sundaes, and frozen strawberries.

8. Cannone Gelato 
1720 Barton Springs Rd

Cannone makes gelato fresh every day without the use of any preservatives. Their all-natural ingredients are blended to make unique treats like the pineapple jalapeno sorbet and ricotta and pears ice cream.Their vegan options even include an avocado gelato that is not to be missed.

best ice cream in Austin: sundae with sprinkles9. Uncle Nicky’s Italian Specialties 
4222 Duval Street

Uncle Nicky’s is one of the best restaurants in Austin and is located in the former home of the Dolce Vita gelato shop. Keeping with the tradition of their predecessors, this Italian dining spot serves tasty gelato and sorbet all day long with ingredients like cookies, fruits, and locally-sourced produce.

10. Holla Mode 
1800 Barton Springs Rd

Holla Mode is more than just a fun play on words. This ice cream shop serves up Thai-style ice cream using fresh, natural ingredients sourced from local farmers. Also known as stir-fried ice cream or Thai rolled ice cream, this type of ice cream is different from the scoops we’re used to in America. The cream is poured onto a stainless steel surface that is chilled to negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The cream is kneaded and rolled until it solidifies and is then scraped into thin rolls.

11. Sugar Pine 
8578 Research Blvd

Sugar Pine offers natural ice made in-house and features vegan and gluten-free options. Ice cream flavors include coconut, matcha, black sesame, and caramel swirl while sorbets come in mango, watermelon, and Thai basil options. Add toppings like crystallized ginger, candied orange peel, and caramel popcorn. You can also choose an ice cream sandwich or an affogato — an Italian specialty that blends ice cream with an espresso shot.

best ice cream in Austin: fancy ice cream scoop12. Gelateria Gemelli 
1009 E 6th St

Gemelli serves up organic, season, handmade gelato in artisanal batches that ensure freshness and the highest quality ingredients. The gelato base is pasteurized in-house without the use of stabilizers or emulsifiers. Gelato flavors include olive oil, dark chocolate, pistachio, and Earl Grey. Pair the tasty treat with an amaro, aperitif, or Italian cocktail like their classic negroni.

13. Spun Ice Cream 
1912 E 7th St

Spun Ice Cream makes seasonal ice creams using a technique that involves liquid nitrogen. All ice creams are hand-spun to order using base ingredients sourced from local dairy and fair-trade farmers. The ice cream shop also features rotating pairings like waffle cones, Texas pecan brittle, and citrus confetti.

14. Teo Gelato 
1206 W 23th St

The gelato at Teo is handmade using Italian techniques guided by gelato master Matthew Lee who trained in Italy. The gelato was voted in the top 5 gelatos in the world at the 2014 Gelato World Tour. The company blends espresso beans and fruit into their tasty treats. Try the goat cheese and cherry or peppermint stick — two of our all-time favorites.

photo 1551290464 66719418ca54Treat Yourself to the Best Ice Cream in Austin

Austin, Texas is hot all year round. While the summer months are blistering, the winter months are pleasant and warm, meaning you can enjoy ice cream all year long. Whether you’re in east Austin or Hyde Park you’re never too far away from a fantastic ice cream spot. Check out these best ice cream shops in Austin the next time you’re craving frozen yogurt, soft serve, or Italian gelato.


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