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These 15 Treats Take the Cake for the Best Dessert in Austin

If you accidentally ate salad for lunch, it’s time to apologize to your taste buds by filling your face with the best dessert in Austin. This roundup will guide you to your next sugar fix. It features the best of Austin’s bakeries, food trucks, casual, and fine dining menus.

And since it can be hard to make a decision when you’re staring at a dessert menu, you’ll find suggestions for the can’t-miss menu items at each of these Austin foodie favorites.

best dessert in Austin: brightly colored donuts

14 Places That Serve the Best Dessert in Austin (and What to Order)

Below, you’ll find 15 desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. But remember, ATX Guides will not be held responsible for what you do on your sugar rush.

1. Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop: Brunch Crunch Cupcake
1905 S 1st St.

Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop is the cupcake hot spot of Austin. They have one location in South Austin and one in East Austin. With options for vegan cupcakes and menu items that rotate daily, let’s just say these aren’t your mama’s cupcakes.

Stop by on Sunday — either before or after your actual brunch spot — to try their Brunch Crunch cupcake. It’s a chocolate cupcake with espresso buttercream frosting and a sprinkle of cocoa pebbles.

2. Elizabeth St. Café: Beignets
1501 S. 1st St.

This noodle and bánh mì boulangerie offers desserts with the flavors of French Vietnam. For a complex, fruity dessert, try their beignets with lychee raspberry jam. They’re served warm and are sure to warm your heart and your belly.

3. La Patisserie: Assorted Macarons
602 W Annie St.

La Patisserie is a little French bakery with two locations — one in Bouldin Creek and one in Crestview on Burnet Road. This spot serves up all the classic French pastries like croissants and pain au chocolat, but their real specialty is macarons.

And since one macaron does not make a meal, fill up on the 12-pack of assorted flavors. Depending on what’s fresh that day, you could receive any combination of the following: vanilla, pure chocolate, pistachio, toasted almond, salted caramel, espresso, wild strawberry, raspberry, honey lemon, cardamom honey orange, lavender, rose, or funfetti.

4. Ramen Tatsu-Ya: Yuzupioca
1600 E. 6th St.

Here to prove the French aren’t the only ones who can do dessert, Ramen Tatsu-Ya offers sweets with Japanese inspired flavors. Their Yuzupioca features Japanese citrus tapioca, strawberry, basil, and pink peppercorn crumble. They have three shops located in North, East, and South Austin.

5. Laundrette: Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich
2115 Holly St.

Laundrette is an institution in the Austin food scene. Their dessert menu changes a little from lunch to dinner, but if you’re there for dinner, try the Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich. It’ll awaken your inner child (or delight your actual child).

6. Biderman’s Deli: Biderman’s Cheesecake
800 Brazos St., Suite 215

Biderman’s has locations in Northwest Hills, Downtown Austin, and Westlake. It’s the place to go for a classic cheesecake. In fact, their cheesecake recipe proves you don’t need 10 different toppings to make the best dessert in Austin. Sometimes a timeless classic, done right, is all it takes.

7. Gourdough‘s: Super Baked CBD Donut
1503 S 1st St.

Gourdough’s website will show you multiple locations, but don’t be led astray. It’s the food truck on S 1st St. where they sell their famous donuts. And if figuring that out was stressful for you, you can unwind with a CBD donut.

Gourdough’s Super Baked Donut is made with CBD cream cheese icing, marshmallow crème, and brownie batter filling. Plus, it’s loaded with brownie bites, cookie dough bites, graham crackers, potato chips, and brownie batter drizzle. You don’t have to be baked to get cravings for that.

8. Emmer & Rye: Caramelized Corn Cake
51 Rainey St., Suite 110

Emmer & Rye knows how to pair sweets with just a little bit of savoriness to lift the flavor. Their Caramelized Corn Cake features prickly pear, lemon curd, and mushroom miso for a winning combination of sweet, sour, and savory.

9. Churro Co: Campfire Churro
1401 W Koenig Ln.

This food truck of fried-doughy goodness has two permanent locations, one in North Austin and one in South Austin. The Campfire Churro is the perfect combination of a weekend in Mexico and an all-American camping trip. It’s tossed in graham cracker sugar, then topped with Mexican chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and toasted marshmallows. Is it possible for a churro truck to be one of the best Mexican restaurants in Austin?

10. Tiny Pies: Sweet Texas Pecan
2032 S Lamar Blvd.

You’ll never guess what this place serves — pies! Tiny ones. And when you’re having pie in Texas, the best place to start is with a classic Texas Pecan pie. Make it a fun game and see how many of these tiny pies you can fit in your mouth at once.

best dessert in Austin: affogato

11. Intero: Affogato
2612 E Cesar Chavez St.

If Intero isn’t the best restaurant in Austin, it’s at least the best Italian restaurant. Their desert menu features handmade chocolate truffles and decadent remakes of Italian classics. Get your coffee and dessert fix at the same time with their affogato. This adults-only dessert features chocolate gelato and hazelnuts topped with espresso if you want a buzz or amaro if you want some booze.

12. Bananarchy: Peanut Butter Pie Banana
1311 S 1st St.

This place takes the humble banana and turns it into a work of art by stabbing it with the non-business end of a spoon and dipping it in deliciousness.

Many of their menu items are naturally gluten-free, but if you’re willing to go forth with gluten, then there’s nothing more delicious than peanut butter and banana — except maybe peanut butter and banana and chocolate and graham crackers. You’ll find this flavor combo in the Peanut Butter Pie Banana. Sure, it’s a banana, but it also might be the best dessert in Austin.

13. Amy’s Ice Creams: All Thai‘d Up
5624 Burnet Rd.

Easily one of Austin‘s best ice cream shops, Amy’s has more than a dozen locations around the city. Isn’t it comforting to know that ice cream is never too far away?

This creamery doesn’t shy away from exotic flavors. Try the All Thai’d Up for a tropical vacation in a cone (or cup!). Every lick of this ice-cream dream features the taste of ginger, fresh basil, coconut cream, coconut rum, lime juice, and toasted coconut.

14. La Condesa: Boca Negra
400A W 2nd St.

La Condesa may be one of the best, upscale Mexican restaurants in town, but this place isn’t just for filling your face with fancy tacos. Their Boca Negra flourless chocolate cake brings the sweet and the heat with rich chocolate, chile de àrbol, ancho, chipotle, caramelized banana, and brown sugar banana ice cream.

Best dessert in Austin: row of cupcakes

Life Is Sweet in Austin

You did it! You made it all the way through this dessert round up. Sure, maybe you had to stuff your face with Oreos the whole time to keep your cravings at bay, but now you’re a more informed Austinite. You’re ready to go out and eat dessert with confidence.

No matter which treat you choose, know that you’re making good life choices. You can’t really go wrong when you’re enjoying the best dessert in Austin. Whether you prefer tropical coconut vibes, fried-doughy flavors, or caramel-covered everything, these sweets are sure to satisfy. But there are a lot of options on this list, so you’d better get started. Life is short — carpe dessert and dig in!

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