The Best Tattoo Shops in Austin For Custom Ink and Classic Designs

Getting a tattoo and choosing the right tattoo artist is an important decision. In fact, for most people, it’ll be a permanent one, so it’s something you want to think long and hard about before diving in and getting inked by just anyone. The difference between a talented artist and some Joe-schmo who likes to sketch occasionally will mean the difference between an exquisite piece of body art you’ll be obsessed with forever and one of those hideous pieces that resemble something a third-grader drew.

Aside from style and quality artwork, choosing a high-quality tattoo shop can also mean taking care of your health. Wherever you decided to get tatted up, make sure the shop has clean, sterilized facilities and tools.

Whether you’re looking for American traditional tattoos with bold color palettes, black outlines, and iconic imagery, biomechanical tattoos with cyborg influences, dotwork, or a cover-up, there’s a tattoo artist in Austin, Texas that can deliver the goods. Hit up one of the best tattoo shops in Austin from this list and you’ll see why tattoo lovers keep coming back for more.

Best Tattoo Shops in Austin: woman with tattoosBest Tattoo Shops in Austin

Golden Age Tattoo

2008 Fortview Rd

Located in the South Lamar area, Golden Age tattoo is easily accessible for locals and tourists alike. You can email the tattoo artists directly to get a jump on your design ideas or to gather more details about your scheduled appointment. Since the shop employs several different artists, you can get high-quality tattoos in a wide variety of styles whether you’re looking for geometric prints or photorealistic designs.

True Blue Tattoo 
607 Red River St

True Blue Tattoo is a different breed. The vibrant blue décor and light, airy shop with industrial touches stands miles apart from the dark, underworld vibe of most tattoo shops. At True Blue, the artists can help you turn your tattoo dreams into reality and even offer body piercing.

Resurrection Tattoo 
1309 E 4th St

Whether it’s your first tattoo or your 50th, Resurrection Tattoo is one of the best tattoo shops in Austin. Beloved by locals, the artists at this establishment feel like friends with their exuberant love for art, careful attention to detail, and a friendly manner.

Triple Crown Tattoo 
1157 Chicon St

This tattoo parlor is located in East Austin — one of the trendier parts of the city that exemplifies Austin’s desire to keep things weird. The parlor is staffed with six expert tattoo artists who can create custom full sleeves or accommodate small walk-in projects. The lounge area is comfortable and filled with exotic artworks to get you in the mood for your next piece.

Rock of Ages
2310 S Lamar Blvd

Rock of Ages features seven highly trained tattoo artists that can draw up everything from whimsical mythological scenes to real-life portraits. The vibe in the shop is one of true dedication to art and the tattoo craft. Each artist’s love for their work shines through each piece and they’re truly a delight to work with.

Platinum Ink 
5128 Burnet Rd

The tattoo artists at Platinum Ink have years of experience, creating more than half a million tattoos since they opened in 2002. Known for creating distinctive custom tattoos, the artists can also work with classic designs and the shop features piercers on staff.

Black Dagger Tattoo 
1215 Corona Dr

Located in North Central Austin, Black Dagger Tattoo features five tattoo artists and a revolving door of guest artists to dream up tattoos from the simplest designs to the most complex. Make sure to bring cash as the shop doesn’t accept cards — don’t worry, there is an ATM in the shop in case you forget.

Southside Tattoo 
1313 S Congress Ave

The artists at Southside Tattoo have been tattooing for more than 100 years combined. The friendly team works together to craft thousands of stunning ink tattoos each year. The shop also prides itself on providing a welcoming atmosphere. After all, you’ll be hanging out with these guys for a while so they figure you might as well enjoy the company.

Little Pricks Tattoo Studio 
11815 N FM 620 Suite 5

You’re in good hands at Little Pricks tattoo shop where the artists “give a shit” and work to provide excellent care whether you’re freaking out because it’s your first time getting ink or you’re there to get your hundredth piece of skin art. The tattoo creatives and visionaries can help craft everything from bold lines and vibrant colors to geometric designs and eye-popping art.

Moon Tattoo 
1736 W Anderson Ln

Moon Tattoo is the tattoo studio of renowned artist Tina Poe. Known for her exquisite blackwork style that creates an other-worldly feel, this tattoo shop is all about quality pieces. Her team of tattoo artists are experts at crafting everything from art nouveau and classic woodcut designs to pet portraits and neon black designs. The shop also occasionally features guest artists from around the country.

Dovetail Tattoo 
310 W 17th St | 1703 E Cesar Chavez St

The low-key atmosphere at Dovetail is one of the main reasons this shop lands on most lists of the best tattoo shops in Austin. The harmonious atmosphere makes for an almost religious-like experience featuring exquisite works of art and a joy that can only be found in shops with artists that are devoted to their craft. With locations in downtown Austin and the east side, this shop is also home to one of the best tattoo artists in Austin, Wendi Ramirez.

Gully Cat Tattoo 
2006 S 1st St

Owned by Austin native Mike Terrell, this tattoo shop offers a stress-free environment for tattooing and beckons tattoo lovers with its lime green exterior. Inside, you’ll find an eclectic shop with talented artists that can help you turn your visions into true works of art.

Atomic Tattoo 
Multiple locations

Atomic Tattoo offers four different locations across Austin for all your tattooing needs. Walk-ins are always welcome though you’ll need to schedule an appointment if you have a particularly intricate or time-consuming piece of artwork you want done. Additionally, you’ll find a wide array of high-quality body jewelry in the shop.

photo 1521308452854 e037c0062a1eGet Inked in Austin

If you’re looking for a great tattoo experience, these top shops hit the mark. From top of the line tattoo machines to traditional techniques, you’ll find the tattoo style and artwork you’re looking for at the best tattoo shops in Austin. With the best tattoo artists on staff, you’ll walk out loving your ink and start planning your next piece. While ideally, you’ll choose a tattoo design you’ll love for the rest of your life, sometimes things just don’t work out. If you’re looking at tattoo removal or an artsy cover-up, many of these Austin tattoo artists can help you get the job done.

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