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Best Ramen in Austin: Slurping-Good Spots Locals Love

There’s nothing quite like slurping up a delicious combination of noodles, broth, and veggies. Ramen, a classic Japanese dish, is so much more than that Styrofoam cup you used to heat up back in college. Real ramen is an explosively flavorful soup with toppings that can range from seasoned eggs and onions to kimchi and bulgogi. To find the best ramen in Austin, we’ve visited all the top spots locals rave about. From hole-in-the-wall spots to fine-dining eateries with all the fresh ingredients, these are the best places to find ramen in Austin.

photo 1547928578 bca3e9c5a0abThe 10 Best Places For Ramen in Austin

1. Ramen Tatsu-ya
8557 Research Blvd #126 | 1234 S Lamar Blvd | 1600 E 6th St

Ramen Tatsu-ya is the OG when it comes to ramen in Austin. Located in East Austin, this establishment was the first ramen shop in Austin and took the culinary scene by storm. Today, you’ll find slurp-worthy treats like the tonkotsu original, Mi-So-Hot, tonkotsu shoyu ramen — made with an incredible Japanese soy sauce — and tsukemen ramen. Add a  flavor bomb to take things up a notch  — we love the fire in a bowl bomb made with Thai chili and habanero paste.

2. Daruma Ramen 
612 B E 6th Street

Daruma is owned and operated by the same guys who brought Austin Kome — another great ramen spot on this list. The restaurant offers a wide range of ramens including two vegan ramen options — made with fruit and veggie broth — as well as veggie soups. The miso ramen and shoyu ramen are stand out dishes at this iconic Austin eatery.

3. Michi Ramen
6519 N Lamar Blvd

Michi Ramen brings customization to your tastebuds, allowing you to choose your ramen, broth, and add toppings to create unique ramen noodle bowls suited to your preferences. Choose from a wide range of chashu including lean pork, pork belly, spicy ground pork, and chicken or opt for a veggie ramen instead. Topping options include woodear mushrooms, green onions, Mayu oil, and roasted nori.

4. Kemuri Tatsu-ya
2713 E 2nd St

This ramen restaurant is the sister establishment of Ramen Tatsu-ya. Try the Texas Ramen for a real Austin spin on the classic Japanese dish featuring beef broth, brisket, ajitama, bamboo, scallion, nori, pickled mustard greens, and mung sprouts. The BBQ Tsukemen is another great option with kotteri dipping broth, brisket, ajitama, lime, smoked jalapeno, and hierbas de Tejas.

Best Ramen in Austin: ramen with eggs and noodles5. Kanji Ramen 
12636 Research Blvd Suite C101

The ramen at Kanji is slow-cooked for 24 hours to ensure the most explosive and layered flavors possible. Try the sukiyaki ramen with beef and vegetables or go for the murukai ramen with spicy mussel soup, ramen, fried shrimp, and green onions.

6. Jinya Ramen Bar
3210 Esperanza Crossing

Jinya is a chain restaurant with locations across the United States, including several spots in Texas. With their motto, “a bowl above others” this restaurant strives to serve up the most authentic ramen possible. Try the jinya tonkotsu black which burst with flavor thanks to the pork chashu, kikurge, seasoned egg, and garlic chips.

7. Korean Grill 
10901 N Lamar Blvd

The Korean Grill offers a huge selection of Asian dishes from traditional kimchi and bibimbap to galbi and some of the best ramen in town. Get the optional cheese slices when you’re ordering the ramen — sounds weird, but it really is to-die-for.

8. Haru Ramen & Yakitori (Formerly Hanabi) 
2525 W Anderson Ln #120

Slurp your way to pure bliss at Haru Ramen. The chef serves up multiple ramen options including signature bulgogi ramen, spicy miso ramen, and don katsu ramen. In addition, you’ll find yakitori on the menu along with excellent fresh fish and fun bites.

9. Komé 
5301 Airport Blvd

Komé is a contemporary yet casual Japanese eatery serving up everything from ramen bowls made with beef and chicken broth to homemade gyoza, kimchi, and fresh sushi. Don’t miss one of the best happy hour menus in Austin with $5 izakaya cocktails plus discounts on snacks and sushi.

10. Peached Tortilla 
5520 Burnet Rd

Every Thursday night, Southeast-Asian eatery The Peached Tortilla features a specialty ramen that changes each week. On their website, you’ll find the menu for the entire month so you can plan when you want to stop in. Past ramen features include mapo tofu mazemen, chicken shoyu ramen, and the tan tan men featuring sesame chili-infused chicken broth, 5-spice pork, bean sprouts, green onions, and chili oil. They’re also known for having some of the best cocktails in Austin.

Sip Your Way to Bliss With Austin Ramen

Whether you’re looking for classic savory flavors or infusions with BBQ influences, these best ramen spots in Austin offer a treat for your taste buds. From shoyu ramen and miso ramen to innovative blends with tempura-fried fish, brussels sprouts, and trendy ingredients like avocado, dining out in Austin is always a treat. Hit up these ramen joints for true, authentic Japanese flavor with a touch of pizzazz that makes everyone fall in love with Austin.

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