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The Best Wings in Austin: 10 Saucy Places Where You Can Just Wing It

When it comes to wings, some people think it’s just about barbecue or buffalo sauce. But the reality in Austin, Texas is that wings come in dozens of flavors and shapes. From chicken lollipops to Korean-inspired wings tossed in passion fruit sauce, the options here are truly endless. Here are our favorite spots to chow down on the best wings in Austin.

The Best Wings in Austin: 10 Tasty Spots

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When it comes to the best chicken wings, it’s really all about your flavor preferences. From Zilker to S Lamar Blvd, you’ll find smoked wings, tenders, double-fried wings, and even wing lollipops. You can sink your teeth into hot wings that’ll make you sweat or stick to non-spicy classics like garlic parmesan and lemon pepper. Whatever your flavor, here’s where to get the best wings in Austin.

1. Tommy Want Wingy

With two locations — the original next to Lustre Pearl on Rainey St and a second location near South Congress — this wing shop encapsulates everything there is to love about the Austin food scene. A hearty dose of weird creativity blended with classic flavors makes each bite at this bright yellow food truck a true adventure. All of the wings here are transformed into chicken lollipops — savory stick treats that are finger-licking good. Try the chili limon or lemon pepper wings to start things off. If you’re a heat lover, the Ranch on Fire and buffalo will get your taste buds tingling. If you’re a real glutton for punishment, the Holy Schnikes will knock your socks off.

2. Wingzup

Wingzup is an unassuming sports bar hidden away in a strip mall at 1000 e 41st St. That may sound like a recipe for disaster if you’re a wing lover, but it’s really a hidden treasure. Wingzup serves up boneless wings, buffalo wings, country wings, and smoked wings. With almost 30 wing sauces, there’s a flavor for everyone in your group.

3. Chi’lantro

Born in South Korea, Jae Kim built a food truck and restaurant business in Austin that’s focused on sharing his love for South Korean food — including Korean fried chicken wings. Their wings are fried twice, resulting in a crispy crust that flakes beautifully. There’s only one flavor available — a Gangnam sauce — that’s both sweet and spicy. Don’t forget to pair your wings with their famous kimchi fries.

4. Pluckers Wing Bar

A visit to Texas isn’t complete without a stop at Pluckers. The wing chain has dozens of locations from Dallas and San Antonio to Austin. Here, you’ll find boneless wings, BBQ wings, and buffalo wings. Try the cajun or garlic parmesan dry rubs or mix things up with teriyaki and spicy mandarin wings.

5. Arpeggio Grill

Arpeggio is a Mediterranean restaurant. While that may not invoke visions of crispy and juicy wings, hear us out. This grill serves up some of the best wings in town, we promise. They offer more than 20 wing flavors including nuclear, hot honey garlic, and honey mustard barbecue. Grab a side of french fries and some bleu cheese or ranch dipping sauces to complete your wing meal.

6. Delray Cafe

This food truck can be found outside of Nickel City. Serving up Detroit-style coneys, sliders, and wings, it’s the perfect pit stop for some grub during a night out on the town. Choose from 1 pound, 2 pound, or 3 pound wing orders and delight in classic flavors like buffalo, lemon pepper, and the always-popular Franklin’s BBQ sauce.

7. Hi Wings

Hi Wings is located on W Anderson Ln and serves up all things chicken. Here, you’ll find chicken wings, chicken thighs, chicken tenders, and Korean fried chicken wings. Get your bird naked or have it slathered in one of the 10+ sauce options — Jalapeno Mayo and peach habanero are two of our favorites!

8. Rolling Rooster

With a tagline like “food for the soul”, you know this place is going to satisfy your cravings. Rolling Rooster is famous for their chicken and waffles, but they also deliver some of the best wings in Austin. Opt for their classic wings if you love a crispy exterior and juicy inside and pair them with your favorite sauce. Or go for their chicken wings and waffles for an Austin brunch treat you won’t soon forget.

9. Green Mesquite BBQ

The Green Mesquite offers tasty wings at two locations in Austin — on Barton Springs Rd and in Southpark Meadows. A local hotspot since the 1980s, they serve some of the best wings and BBQ in Austin. The wings are smoked and then doused in a mildly spicy barbecue sauce. It’s the perfect way to enjoy classic chicken wings.

10. Le Bleu

Le Bleu on Research Blvd offers chicken wings with an Asian spin. After all, this spot is well-known for its delicious Thai and Vietnamese dishes including pho and banh mi. They don’t have a huge selection of wings and sauces like some other places on this list, but their starter wings are truly something to write home about. The wings are fried to crispy perfection and then topped with a caramelized passion fruit garlic-chili sauce. It’s a flavor you’ll find nowhere else!

Explore the Food Scene in Austin

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Getting delicious food in Austin isn’t hard. In fact, the hard part is choosing where to go since there are so many incredible options. Whether you’re eating your way around town during a short weekend trip or looking for tasty dishes as a local, the Austin food scene is unparalleled.

Check out these top spots for the best chicken wings in Austin. Whether you want spicy or a flavor you can’t find anywhere else, you’re sure to find a place you love on this list. And don’t forget to try other Austin tasty treats — like Tex-Mex queso and tacos.

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