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Where to Go For the Best Pho in Austin

In the mood to slurp up some delicious rice noodles and flavorful broth? Austin has what you’re looking for in the form of dozens of Vietnamese restaurants serving up exquisite pho. Whether you want a meat-laden pho bowl with brisket and tendon or prefer veggies and vegan options, these Vietnamese places hit the spot. Dive into the best pho in Austin at one of these fine establishments that serve up a slurping good time.

Best Pho in Austin: rare meat pho soupThe Best Pho Restaurants in Austin

Tan My Restaurant

1601 Ohlen Rd

This unassuming restaurant serves up some of the most delicious Vietnamese food including pho, spring rolls, and flat noodle dishes. The service is fast and efficient and the pho is made with fresh veggies and broth that is slurping good. Try the pho with the rare beef — it’s hard to find at other pho restaurants in town and Tan My hits it out of the ballpark with theirs.

Elizabeth Street Café 
1501 S 1st St

Known for their fantastic brunch menu, this Vietnamese and French infusion restaurant offers everything from Vietnamese wonton soup to Vietnamese sandwiches known as banh mi and out-of-this-world pho. Choose from beef, pork, chicken, shrimp and fish, or vegetable pho. We recommend the Pho bo with braised brisket, tendon and sliced raw eye of round. Add toppings like soft boiled or raw eggs, wontons, mushrooms, bok choy, and cauliflower to make it the best pho you’ve ever had.

888 Pan Asian Restaurant 
2400 E Oltorf St

This Asian restaurant serves a variety of dishes from Chinese and Thai food to Vietnamese culinary delights. Best of all, they’re open until 2 am on weekends so you can get your favorite Vietnamese dishes even if it’s late.

Pho Please 
1920 E Riverside Dr

Pho Please is the place to go when you’re craving authentic Vietnamese food. From meaty rice paper rolls to Bao and pho, you’ll devour the delightful dishes in minutes. Try the Pho Rare Steak and Meatballs made with hot beef broth, rice noodles, rare steak, meatballs and garnished with onions, cilantro, bean sprouts, jalapenos, basil, and lime.

Dong Nai 
4211 S Lamar Blvd

Dong Nai offers authentic Vietnamese and Chinese food including more than 15 different types of pho. From vegetarian options to meat loaded rice noodle soup, this place has everything you could want in a bowl of pho. In addition, the large menu offers vermicelli bowls, egg rolls, ramen, and fried rice dishes.

Pho Hoang 
399 W Louis Henna Blvd Ste C

Pho Hoang is a casual Vietnamese eatery with communal table seating and value portion sizes. Pair your bowl of veggie or chicken pho with a Vietnamese coffee made with coffee and condensed milk.

AdobeStock 225545363Kim Phung Restaurant 
7601 N Lamar Blvd | 2237 E Riverside Dr. Suite 101-A | 315 N Bell Blvd

This Asian fusion restaurant serves Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese foods including pho and vermicelli noodle soups. The pho options range from brisket and meatballs to seafood, steak, and chicken.

Pho Dan 
11220 N Lamar Blvd

You know a Vietnamese restaurant is worth its salt when you see older Asian women dining in. This noodle house is located in North Austin and serves up authentic pho that grandma would be proud of. Service is quick and friendly and the meals will keep you coming back for more.

Pho Van

8557 Research Blvd

This diamond in the rough is located in a strip mall and is one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to a piping hot bowl of pho. The portions are huge and the prices affordable. Try the Pho ga – or chicken pho — and if you’re looking for an appetizer or light snack, the spring rolls are the way to go.

Hai Ky 
1931 E Oltorf St

Located in South Austin, Hai Ky offers Vietnamese and Asian cuisine including multiple types of pho and soups with either a meat or veggie-based broth.

PhoNatic Vietnamese Cuisine 
2525 W Anderson Ln Building 3 Suite 208

Owners Pat and Sara Lee both grew up helping their families run Asian restaurants or grocery stores. Their extensive history in the food industry drove them to open a Vietnamese restaurant that focuses on making dishes fun, fast, and fresh. The restaurant does not use MSG in any of their dishes and uses fresh ingredients whenever possible.

Pho Saigon Noodle House 
10901 N Lamar Blvd

Pho Saigon is an award-winning Vietnamese restaurant that has been recognized by the Houston Press and Thrillist. With 10 locations across Austin, Houston, and Lafayette, you’re sure to find your next favorite bowl of pho at one of their locations.

Pho Thaison 
2438 W Anderson Ln

This restaurant offers authentic Vietnamese, Japanese, and Thai foods ranging from curry and sushi to great big bowls of pho. With vegetarian and gluten-free options, this restaurant caters to every taste bud.

Bun Belly 
5001 Airport Blvd

Flying into Austin and looking for a way to welcome your taste buds to the culinary city? Bun Belly is a great place to start. The restaurant offers three types of pho including beef, chicken, and vegetarian. Don’t miss the other Vietnamese specialties including the steamed bao and vermicelli bowls.

Slurp Soup at Austin’s Best Pho Spots

Whether you’re searching for a Vietnamese deli that offers a pho and banh mi combo or just want to dive into a hearty bowl of authentic pho, Austin has what you’re looking for.  Toppings like pork belly, bean sprouts, and hoisin sauce allow you to customize your bowl.

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